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SaunaFix | Portable Sauna| Near Infrared Red Light Sauna

We proudly introduce our SaunaFix, a great looking light weight brushed nickel UL Listed  Near Infrared Sauna Lamp Fixture designed by Eileen Durfee to the dimensional specifications of Dr. Lawrence Wilson.  Dr. Wilson (www.drlwilson.com) is the author of "Sauna Therapy For Detoxification and Healing" and recommends daily near infrared sauna lamp therapy for everyone. Get your daily SaunaFix, it's portable and affordable.  Buy Now.

Stop using far infrared saunas to eliminate additional EMF exposure.  Why add more EMF exposure when too many wireless signals and cell phones are bombarding us with all that negative energy.  The SaunaFix uses near infrared lamps that are totally safe and actually produce more health benefits.  Who would have guessed that the affordable SaunaFix is better than the more expensive infrared saunas on the market today.

If you have an existing sauna, you may be able to convert the enclosure and mount the SaunaFix inside to create an instant near infrared sauna.  Check out the SaunaFix dimensions to see if your enclosure will leave you at least 24" from the surface of the bulbs to your skin. and give you enough room to rotate.



The SaunaFix comes with a hook and plenty of chain to hang over the back of a door, in the shower, on an enclosure or just about anywhere.  With the SaunaFix lamp guards you won't have to worry about getting accidently burned or cut on wire mesh fabric.  In fact by design the heat transfer from the bulbs to the metal is minimal and during operation you can touch the metal parts and not get burned.  Also the near infrared sauna light fixture was made with all UL listed recognized components and we went through the extra expense to meet Federal requirements for assembled fixtures.  The SaunaFix proudly displays the UL Listed label on the back side, which is a requirement for any item assembled with electrical components.  This means the SaunaFix is properly designed, safe and legal to sell commercially. 

We only recommend using the Near Infrared Sauna type (red heat lamp bulbs) because the human body healing processes respond best to wavelengths emitted by the bulbs due to our biological response to heat and light. About 30% of sunlight is made up of wavelengths between 630 nm to 900 nm which is the the 'healing' red to near-infrared range and provide the greatest biological response. Once the near infrared light is absorbed into the body, it naturally circulates and delivers healing energy to the entire body. Studies show that the following wavelengths are the most beneficial for relieving pain and healing tissues: 620, 680, 760, and 820 which kick-start cells to convert food energy into ATP energy for cellular metabolism. At the University of Pennsylvania Britton Chance showed that mitochondrial proteins called chromophores absorb about 50% of near infrared light. Whelan and his colleagues published a study in the Proceedings of the Nataional Academy of Sciences where light with a wavelength of 670 nanometres restored eye sight to 95% of the rats blinded with methanol. Whelan and his colleagues believe that near infrared light raises the activity of cytochrome c oxidase, a key component of the energy-generating system. Interesting enough the proton pump involved in converting food to energy only absorbs red and near infrared light and is responsible for absorbing about 30% of those light waves exposed to the body.

There are three types of sauna's to choose from:

Near Infrared Sauna - Temperature range depends on enclosure, number of bulbs and proximity of user to the bulbs. Ideal temperature range is 110° F to 115° F. The red bulbs emit a wide specturm of radiant heat that carries ten times the energy of far infrared light, in wave lengths ranging between 550 to 3500 nanometers, peaking at 1100 nanometers with most waves between 550 and 1800 nanometers, which can deeply penetrate tissues up to 3". This type of sauna requires no preheat, uses the least amount of electricity, is the easiest to breathe in, and the least expensive sauna. The Near Infrared Sauna has the most health benefits with a negligible amount of RF and provides a much more focused way to target different parts of your body.


Infrared Sauna - Temperature range between 120° F to 140° F, dry heat (no steam) created usually with a ceramic or metallic immitting heater, warm up time is much faster than the conventional sauna, uses less electricity, easier for people to breathe, medium cost and readily available. Far infrared light wave penetrates tissues up to 1.5" deep and emit a narrow spectrum of energy ( 3000 to 4500 nanometers) and causes the body to sweat out a toxin concentration that is more than the conventional sauna and less than the near infrared sauna types. This type of sauna has some benefit but does emit RF that is not beneficial to the body.

Conventional Sauna - Temperature range between 150° F to 210° F, is a room with an electric heater and users can create steam by pouring water over rocks. This type of sauna uses the most electricity, is the most expensive to buy, is too hot for some people to breathe, and causes the body to excrete the least amount of toxins perspired in sweat.

Goals of a Sauna Session

-Increase body temperature 2-3°
-Induce sweating
-Increase circulation by rotating on a stool

We recommend building a 4' x 4' x 5' tall enclosure out of common PVC pipe fittings and covering with a quilt, reflectix insulation or canvas so that the body temperature can be increased.  With an auxillary heater the SaunaFix can be used in the shower, a small bathroom or closet and is very portable.  Our SaunaFix enclosure is in the design phase and will be announced later this year.


Benefits of a Sauna Session

Increases elimination of toxins through the largest organ - the skin - and relieves the kidneys and liver from performing as many detoxification functions. The volume of blood flow is increased which lowers blood pressure and increases elasticity of arteries, reduces fatigue, pain and stiffness assocaited with rheumatoid arthritis, relaxes the nervous system, increases hydration and oxygenation, is anti-inflammatory and regenerative, gradually weakens and kills microorganisms lingering in the body, stimulate release of HGH to promote muscle growth and fat loss, promotes heat shock protien production, and burns calories.