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Go Healthy Next educates people how to balance their minerals in order to keep the best electrical charge, to detoxify and keep their filtering organs functioning, and to restore proper spinal structure to reduce wear and tear and electrical system interferences.  We use hair analysis to guide the process of detoxification and balance.

For simplification let’s review some automotive malfunctions and see how they parallel to your body.  Whenever an alternator produces less current, a generator stops controlling voltage, a battery develops a mineral imbalance and won’t hold a charge, sensors and wiring fail, wrong fuel is used, the filters clog and the crankshaft bends, malfunctions and breakdowns occur.  Often times multiple malfunctions must be repaired to experience reliable operations, and when substandard parts are used for repairs the vehicle may not be reliable for long or perform as originally designed.

Whenever the body is stressed it somewhat looses its ability to accumulate preferred minerals and accumulates toxic substitute metals as an adapation to function.  Your body gets like a car that can drive but the air conditioning, power seats and headlights no longer work.  We remove the reasons why the body accumulates toxic metals so it will install OEM parts and rebuild the body, one cell and mineral at a time.

Eileen Durfee is one of Dr. Lawrence Wilson's approved Practiioners of Nutritional Balancing Science and works with clients all over the world.  She is an established business professional, who founded Go Healthy Next, is an ordained Minister with a diploma in Nutritional Balancing Science and has experience in managing non-profit corporations, holds a national certification as a Certified Manager of Community Associations (CMCA), was a licensed realtor and has a real estate development background including land development, construction, marketing and sales and she has successfully managed projects and supervised personnel.  She served as a quality assurance consultant in the nuclear power plant construction industry and has held positions in quality assurance engineering, inspection, auditing, training, procedure review, sampling-plan statistical analysis and certification programs. 


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