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Alternative Air Purification Solutions for Today's Toxic World

Everyday exposure to bacteria and viruses is unfortunately inevitable with the increasingly toxic world we live in. Environmental illnesses and chemical sensitivities are on the rise and are causing a growing number of health problems. The United States Environmental Protection Agency found that indoor air is actually 2-5 times more toxic than outdoor air, which means it is 500% more toxic. Because we spend the majority of our lives indoors, we are bombarding ourselves with increasing levels of toxins every day.

Symptoms such as dizziness, fatigue, fever, headaches, lethargy, nausea and irritated eyes, nose and throat can all result from indoor air pollution. Carcinogenic compounds, which are found in high concentrations in our own homes, are a prominent factor. Sources of indoor air pollution include mold, noxious gases, tobacco smoke, poorly ventilated cooking and heating sources, carpets, furniture, phones, keyboards, air fresheners, and chemical products. These kind of environmental factors are associated with 80% of cancer, according to the International Agency for Research on Cancer and the World Health Organization.

It is hard to escape the presence of toxins in the air when we are constantly surrounded by them each and every day. The University of Arizona conducted a study which found that the average desk has four hundred times more bacteria than the average toilet seat. If you are touching a keyboard, which many people do several times during the day, you are touching ten million bacteria.

There are so many detrimental effects that result from exposure to high amounts of bacteria. The good news is that there are ways to eliminate toxins, bacteria and pollutants and that is the powerful air purifiers and plasma generators available from Go Healthy Next.  

Modern Air Purification Using Plasma and Negative Ions

When it comes to air purification, plasma represents the twenty first century, rather than the twentieth century. So much so that LAX Airport uses gigantic plasma generators. This is because plasma eliminates toxic VOCs. The LAX Airport has these giant, commercial, plasma cleansers cleaning the concourses. You can walk through there, without smelling fumes from the jets. If you have been to the LAX Airport recently, you probably smelled cleaner air than normal, and that is what we want to experience every day, no matter where we are.

Plasma generators have been around for a long time, yet when people think of plasma, they tend to think of blood plasma or plasma physics. Plasma is actually the fourth state of matter. It is a cloud of positive and negative ions that are very reactive and cannot be seen.

Ions are active oxygen molecules, and are considered the vitamins of the air. They are formed when air passes over ionization tubes or needles and a discharge plate. They then travel outward to neutralize pollutants in the air. Ions charge particles in the air via ionic bonding. The charged particles increase in size when they are stuck together, which enables them to be effectively removed. For example, once bacteria and mold divide and bond with ions, they are oxidized, demolished, and can no longer multiply. Ions swap electrons with Volatile Organic Chemicals to weaken their molecular structure, and render them less harmful.

The difference between positive and negative ions, is that positive ions have one less electron compared to negative ions, which makes them unstable. Many people are confused when it comes to positive and negative ions, and wonder from which one they are supposed to benefit. We recommend you sweep away the idea of negative or positive ions, and just think of plasma in general. You want a combination of both negative and positive ions for a tremendous energy effect, and that is what you get with these high quality plasma generators.

When positive and negative ions are in the right ratio together, the ions make it easier to breathe and absorb oxygen into the lungs. They repeatedly rob hydrogen off of the protein surface of bacteria, viruses, and everything else that is harmful and floating around in the air. Whatever comes into contact with the plasma, cannot mutate against it, so it is able to sterilize the air. There are other air purifiers on the market that make both negative and positive ions, but they produce closer to 25,000 ions per cubic centimeter, as opposed to six million with the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION, and 23, 500,000 with the Breathe Safe®. These are two of the excellent air purification options available from Go Healthy Next.

A bonus effect of negative ions is that they have a positive effect on moods. You naturally feel really good when you’re surrounded by them. The combination of purified air and an elevated mood is more than enough reason to want to make a change and introduce plasma into your everyday lifestyle. Go Healthy Next offers a variety of different products that will easily help you integrate plasma and negative ions into your life! Meet the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION, the Breathe Safe®, and the ION Brite®.

The Tri-Oxy® RE-ION

The Tri-Oxy® RE-ION is a multi-function machine that produces both ozone and plasma. This is fantastic for the home, as we recommend using ozone in water, whether for drinking, bathing, or laundering, and plasma to treat the air and reduce it of harmful substances. Plasma makes for a great purifier since you can breathe as much of it in as you want, without any fear of taking in too much.

The RE-ION produces both negative and positive ions with ozone stringlets. This powerful combo is effective at improving air quality by reducing bacteria, viruses, fungus, spores, and chemicals, as well as eliminating unpleasant odors. There are five small ports on the front of the machine from which the ions are distributed.

The ozone and plasma modes of the RE-ION can be operated independently or at the same time. Nonetheless, the ozone can only run for up to 30 minutes at one time, while the plasma can run for up to 8 hours. Although the plasma mode can be run for significantly longer, we do recommend staying at least 2.5 feet away from the machine when plasma is released.

Many people have experience with negative ion generators and believe in the power of their impact, but plasma technology is relatively new. A Go Healthy Next customer, Frederica Christ, spoke with us about how the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION introduced plasma for a positive change in her life.

When Frederica first came into our Go Healthy Next office, she was there to talk about Nutritional Balancing and hair analysis, but the lovely smell in the office caught her attention right away. Frederica said she has a teenage son who puts out such a strong odor, that his bedroom absolutely reeks, and the door has to be closed if anyone comes over and goes upstairs in their home. She ordered the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION plasma ozone generator specifically to see if it would help clear the smell out of her son’s room. She first tried it out downstairs on her window sill, and commented how it not only does not take up much room, but it also does not make much noise. When she would cook in the kitchen, it would take away the smells pretty quickly. She then set out to try it in her son’s room. She operated the machine at the full eight hours of plasma, and thirty minutes of ozone. After about a week, she could tell how much nicer the scent of the room was. His clothes still had an odor, so her son sprayed them with Febreze to try to alleviate the smell. After experiencing such great results from plasma in the rest of the room, Frederic took action back into her own hands with the RE-ION. She placed the unit inside the closet to treat the odor of the clothes, and it easily took out the smell.

“I’m amazed. I’m amazed at it, and even he could tell the difference. You don’t notice the smell anymore,” Frederica said.

Frederica noted how the plasma also helped to rid their home cleaning supply of commercial products used on their hardwood floors and carpet. It also eliminated the odors that could lead to headaches. She said she sleeps much better at night now that she does not have to fight with the funny smell of previously used cleaning products.

Frederica now puts her unit in front of the fresh air intake in her home, so when the H.P. Air Conditioner system is on and pulls in air, it also takes in plasma and circulates it throughout the house. You can use methods like this, turn on a ceiling fan, place the RE-ION in front of an output vent, and so on, to further boost the effectiveness of air purification with plasma.

During one of my appearances with Jeff Rense on Rense Radio, Dr. Fred Chard spoke with us. Dr. Chard is a chiropractor in Washington state. He has experience using the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION both in his office and home. He lives in a three floor townhouse, has the RE-ION on the second floor, and can still feel the powerful effects of it when he is up on the top floor. He said the machine is impervious to a fan being turned on near it; it is just that strong.

“It’s like it could be right in front of me. We’ve got fans on, we’ve got wind blowing through the house, and that is not diluting it,” Dr. Chard said.

Dr. Chard said he operated the plasma for about 45 minutes after cleaning a bathroom with household products, and noticed the woozy feeling he usually experiences from cleaning was significantly diminished. He added that the exposure to plasma makes him breathe deeply, which he tends to do in any positive situation. It is great to see both the purification and mood benefits realized with plasma.

The Breathe Safe®

The Breathe Safe® is an air purifier and plasma generator used to increase the quality of the user’s breathing environment. It is small, it is portable, and it is affordable. The Breathe Safe® provides a patented way to purify the air, by releasing a large invisible cloud of both negative and positive ions. The combination effect of these ions makes for the most powerful plasma therapy with the use of this machine. Third party laboratory test results show that the Breathe Safe® produces 19.1 million negative ions and 4.4 million positive ions per cubic centimeter, which is the size of a sugar cube. Not only is it a small and lightweight device, but the Breathe Safe® produces an abundance of ions for endless benefits.

The ions the Breathe Safe® distributes neutralize bacteria, fungus, odors, particulates, spores, viruses, and Volatile Organic Chemicals. The reduction of these harmful pollutants from the air reduces the body’s stress response, and enables the body to more effectively absorb the newly ionized air. This leads to an individual experiencing improved alertness, concentration, and general health. It is fantastic that this small machine has the power to lighten the daily toxic load placed on the human body, especially without creating super bugs.

Now, I would like to explain some of the background of how I came up with the idea for the Breathe Safe® device. I was on an airplane, traveling back from Arizona, when I went into this dream-like state. I saw people coughing, hacking, and being sick while on the plane. I envisioned this small device on my tray table that created a little safe environment all around me, so that I was able to continue to breathe safe. At this point, I already had manufactured and produced a combination ozone and plasma machine, the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION, but I saw this great need for an even smaller and portable device. I wanted one that could be used on a desk, on an airplane, or literally anywhere to reduce exposure to harmful substances in the air without creating superbugs.

We worked on many prototypes, and now we have the little Breathe Safe® plasma generator. This is the only one that I am aware of that can operate off of any power source in the world. You can plug it into the 12V cigarette lighter in your car, your American or European wall outlet, your USB, or your battery pack. This machine only draws two watts of power, and it will actually run longer on an extended battery than even a cell phone. I personally have my own battery pack that I use to take it to bed with me, so I can inhale ions all night while I sleep. It is completely portable for constant protection. It can be taken with you anywhere you go, so you never have to be without the benefits of negative ions. Plasma can enhance the air of your environment anywhere you breathe. If you are breathing, you will want to have the Breathe Safe® by your side.

The Breathe Safe® was specifically designed for use in small spaces. The compact and lightweight design also make it the perfect plasma device to use as part of sauna therapy. You can implement the Breathe Safe® in for use with the near infrared Sauna Fix®, and supply millions of ions for the body to absorb during the process. This creates an effect similar to a traditional sauna when water is poured over rocks. Studies show that the presence of negative ions during a sauna session greatly enhances the photo therapy benefits. Plasma in a near infrared sauna enhances the detoxification process by increasing body temperature and sweat volume, which are two of the main goals of a sauna session. The Breathe Safe® will effectively maximize your heat stress and photo therapy when placed and used inside the sauna. It really is an amazing new technology, and we highly recommend the use of the Breathe Safe® and Sauna Fix together.

The Breathe Safe® has different operation modes, including one where it operates continuously. It never turns off, and should not wear out even with years of use. There are also options to cycle plasma between one minute on and two minutes off, as well as two minutes on and one minute off. You can choose to get as much, or as little, plasma as you like with this device. The Breathe Safe® is only 2 1/8 inches wide, 3 5/16 inches tall, and 7 1/8 inches long, weighs 11 ounces, and is very portable. There is no reason not to take it with you wherever you go to purify your air and enhance your breathing zone.

ION Brite®

The ION Brite® doubles as both a light-emitting diode, or LED bulb, and an air purifier, which makes it another fantastic multi-purpose product for your home. Many people use small, curly Q, fluorescent lights that last for years. I even used those kind of fluorescent bulbs in the past, and I know that if you break one, you almost need to bring a Hazmat team into your home due to the abundance of mercury inside them. Before I started doing hair analysis and nutritional balancing, I did not realize how toxic mercury is compared to all the other metals out there. It is terribly toxic to the environment and our health. When mercury binds to a cell, it permanently disables that cell’s ability to function. This is especially scary, as mercury is the most common heavy metal found on earth today. It is important we try to find ways to reduce our exposure to it.

The harmfulness of mercury is one thing that makes the ION Brite® such a good replacement bulb. They are not only more beneficial due to lack of mercury, but they also emit millions of negative ions. My thought in designing the ION Brite® was since I use light bulbs anyway, why not turn them into air purifiers? You can put an ION Brite® bulb in any light fixture to function as overhead lighting, while purifying your environment at the same time. No extra energy is required, compared to a traditional bulb to produce over 2 million negative ions. 

The ION Brite® is effective at reducing bacteria, dust, odors, and smoke in the air. This bulb is really a fantastic sterilizer. People have asked me if the Tri-Oxy® RE-ION or the Breathe Safe® work to clear the smoke smell out of their living area and unfortunately, the answer is no, but the ION Brite® is the solution to this problem. These bulbs can eliminate 88.88% of smoke within a chamber in only 30 seconds. The ION Brite® bulbs also get rid of 93.8% of formaldehydes, which can be found in pads underneath carpets, or in cabinets with glue in them.

The energy efficient ION Brite® is long lasting, with a life span of 30,000 hours. You can leave the bulbs on for up to 10 hours continuously to clean the air. You may run into problems if you leave the ION Brite® bulbs on for longer than recommended, due to excessive heat build-up. For example, some light fixtures, such as a recessed can light or ceiling surface mount light with a tight cover, can trap too much heat and can cause the ION Brite® bulbs to fail prematurely. Instead of leaving the bulbs on for 24/7, use them for up to 10 hours at a time, and you will maximize the bulb lifetime.

The use of any LED lighting is an exceptional way to reduce how much energy is required to light up your home or office. This is a fantastic energy and money saving strategy, but it is important to make sure that the bulbs you select are also healthy for your eyes. The light that LED bulbs emit is not the same quality as the light from a natural source. LED lights consist of a blue LED, a driver LED, and a fluorescent sheet that covers the blue light. It transforms part of the blue light into longer wavelengths, and creates a yellow light, which then combines with the blue light to produce a white light. The blue light causes reactive oxygen species in the body, and near infrared wavelengths help to balance out this stress. Since near infrared is not present in LED lighting, this regenerative healing aspect is missing. Less regeneration can lead to degeneration, and age-macular degeneration is the dominant cause of blindness.

The lack of near infrared light, which has numerous health benefits, and excess of blue light, which generates reactive oxygen species, contributes to possible harmful effects of LED lighting. Fortunately, an additional benefit of the ION Brite® is that the light frequencies it produces still make it a healthy bulb choice. You can determine whether an LED bulb is healthy and safe, by looking at the color rendering index, or CRI. The golden standard is natural sunlight, which has a CRI of 100. You want to have a light with a full red spectrum (R9) CRI of 97. This is the closest you can get with an LED to natural light. Test results of the ION Brite® show the existing stock of bulbs are within a good CRI rating. The upcoming stock of ION Brite® bulbs will be even better, at a 98.6 rating, to exceed the recommended rating of 97, which Dr. Mercola recommends as the safest level of LED lighting in his “How LED Lighting May Compromise Your Health” article.

The ION Brite® bulbs were also ROHS tested, which means every piece of the bulb was dissected and all the contents were measured, so they can be considered safe. I ensured that everything from the metal screw tip to the circuit met the stringent RoHS standards. Not only is the carton tip effective at releasing millions of negative ions, but it is also nontoxic. The bulbs were tested in a third party laboratory, and it was discovered that within one hour, one bulb killed 83.87% of bacteria in the air, in a 6’5” x 3’x2” x 3’x2” space. In twenty four hours, it killed 99.99% of bacteria. If I knew the effectiveness of the ION Brite® bulbs after only one hour, I would have tested every hour to see when the 99.99% kill rate was achieved.

The ION Brite® is available in three different wattages, including 3W, 5W, and 7W. Regardless of their wattage, each bulb produces an equal amount of healthy negative ions. The bulbs also come in two brightness levels, including a warm hue and a cool hue. The cool tone is similar to the daylight bright bulb, while the warm tone is more of a yellow kind of light. You can select whichever wattage and hue tone you prefer, and be assured that you will receive not only a fantastic light source, but an abundance of beneficial negative ions.

Jeff Rense from Rense Radio is a believer in the ION Brite®, and even said it is stunning what these bulbs can do for your health. If you simply turn on the lights, the bulbs will begin to clean your home. They will purify the air in your house, which will make it smell better and make you feel better. We recommend you take your fluorescent bulbs to a recycle depository, such as the one at Home Depot, as soon as possible, and replace them with the energy saving, air purifying ION Brite®. Your health will thank you.


We are constantly in contact with tens of thousands of chemicals in our everyday lives. Even the products we use to stay healthy and keep our homes clean, emit these toxic chemicals that find their way into our bodies. It starts with the home, because that is the indoor environment where we spend most of our time. This is where the highest concentration of these chemicals are. Most people have propane or natural gas heaters, and the emission from the combustion of fuel causes air pollution. The air in our homes is stripped of its negative ions due to the power of these kinds of electronic devices. Thankfully, plasma offers the solution to all of these indoor toxins, to which we are so often exposed.

The Tri-Oxy® RE-ION, Breathe Safe®, and ION Brite® are all fantastic tools that can be used in your home to enhance the quality of the air you breathe. The negative ions emitted from these devices reduce bacteria, dust, fungus, viruses, odors, and so much more from the air. In addition, the presence of plasma in the air brings about a sense of euphoria and relaxation to those who are surrounded by it.

Plasma generators such as those available at Go Healthy Next, help to revolutionize indoor air by replenishing it with healthy negative ions. Enhance your quality of air and quality of life with any of these fantastic products!