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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for Detoxification and Wellness

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Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis for Detoxification and WellnessMillions of people, tired of struggling blindly to find a safe path to detoxification and wellness, are turning to laboratory hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) for help.

HTMA: A Simple, Painless and Informative Lab Test

A hair tissue mineral analysis test is simple and painless, requiring only a small sample of head hair typically sent to an HTMA lab by snail mail. 

In the United States, HTMA laboratories analyze a submitted hair sample to provide a detailed overview of an individual's current mineral and toxin levels excreted into the hair. 

The resulting analysis report includes precise ratios and measurements depicting toxin levels, important mineral levels, and insights into any abnormal chemical reactions that may be occurring in a person's body. 

These insights, along with the recommended supplements, help people to focus on detoxification of the right toxins, while regaining the optimum mineral levels necessary for normal bodily function.

A modern hair analysis lab report, especially for beginners, often includes an informational booklet detailing the symptoms frequently associated with high and low levels of specific minerals - including a list of symptoms likely being experienced by that individual at the time of the test. 

When used in conjunction with a properly guided nutritional balancing program, HTMA is increasingly becoming the smartest first step onto an educated path of detoxification, balance, and recovery.

Consider diet as what is consumed and nutrition as what is retained, then add the ability to consume exactly what your body needs to retain in advance. A hair analysis can determine which essential minerals your body needs more of, and which toxic elements need to be eliminated. The same test also provides valuable insights into an individual's metabolism and what dietary changes would be most helpful for metabolic correction and recovery.

How a Hair Tissue Analysis report helps beyond Blood Serum Tests

Another benefit of HTMA is that the report results, properly analyzed by a trained nutritional balancing health care professional, can be used to pinpoint the development of metabolic disorders or dysfunctions - often before symptoms have begun to manifest. 

While imbalances do eventually show up in blood serum test, they generally do not do so until the condition has reached a severe level. Measuring blood serum levels is only useful in measuring acute exposures to heavy metals or other egregious substances, but not so much for pre-identifying potentially chronic, long term exposures.

Why is this? Toxic elements are sequestered in bodily tissues over long periods of time. Therefore they do not show up in blood serum. If you are a person with disturbances on a symptomatic level, a hair tissue mineral analysis can signal what's going on in your body at a deeper level. The earlier an imbalance is caught, the sooner and easier it can be corrected with nutritional therapies.

A hair tissue mineral analysis provides a unique reading of heavy metal and mineral levels in the cells over a two to three month period. It takes into consideration that toxins are stored in the tissues of the body, not in the blood. For instance, you can have normal copper levels in the blood, but high copper levels in the tissues. 

The reason hair is used for testing mineral status and metabolic activity is because of its very nature. Human hair is formed from clusters of specialized cells that make up the hair follicle. This makes it uniquely qualified to reveal what is deficient in the body and what needs to be corrected.

Proper Interpretation Matters

The key to an accurate hair analysis lies within the interpretation - a lost art in traditional medicine, yet a critical step in disease, detoxification and health recovery. Practitioner Eileen Durfee has extensive experience and expertise in the field, and analyzes her own hair on a monthly basis to monitor and research trends. 

For persons seeking first-time hair analysis tests, Eileen recommends beginning with the Initial Program, which includes a full and informative report booklet from the HTMA lab. According to Eileen, the booklet will 

"increase a beginner's faith in this scientific method and provide necessary guidance before beginning an individually focused and specialized nutritional balancing program" 

According to Durfee, it is better to be encouraged and informed than to blindly buy supplements. 

"All too often, in the journey toward better health, people consume random dietary supplements that can medicate some symptoms while causing other problems to surface. Yet, with a hair tissue mineral analysis, they are only one educated step away from receiving the proper guidance needed to improve detoxification and wellness".  

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