Body Mineral Balancing with Nutritional Balancing Science Supplements

Posted by Go Healthy Next on 6th Jun 2018

One of the biggest contributing factors to the success a customized Nutritional Balancing Science Body Mineral Balancing Program is the recommended supplement plan. The type of nutritional supplement formulations used in a nutritional balancing program are uniquely crafted to perform specific actions within the body, each of which are extremely important to restoring balance and optimum health.

Why nutritional supplements, in general, are more important now than ever before  

Nutritional supplements in general are more necessary today than ever before. This is because, in recent years, the most commonly consumed foods by humans now lack adequate nutrient levels. Reasons for this alarming fact include:

  • Body Mineral Balancing with Nutritional Balancing SupplementsSoil nutrient depletion. The over-farming and over-grazing of land impacts the quantity of nutrients in food, and the manures and mineral-rich products used today do not reimburse the soil with the minerals and vitamins it needs.
  • Chemical use in farming: The modern use of pesticides and herbicides cause damage to soil microorganisms necessary to make minerals and nutrients available to plants. This damage reduces the crops’ nutritional value while increasing toxicity.
  • Lack of food freshness: Transportation of food items across long distances depletes the nutrient content. In fact, the nutrients start to decrease right after the food is harvested.
  • Over processing of foods: The processing, pasteurization, and homogenization of food products reduces nutrients, as well as the bio availability of calcium, phosphorus, and proteins in dairy products.
  • Environmental toxins: Toxic chemicals and metals that surround us in the air, water, and so on also diminish nutrient levels.

Many people today have poor eating habits and weak digestion which harms nutrient absorption and impairs nutrient levels in the body. Most babies born today are deficient in nutrients because their mother’s existing deficiencies are passed on to them through the placenta. Additionally, stressful lifestyles cause nutrient depletion due to excessive sympathetic nervous system activity.

Nutritional Balancing Science program supplements address Biochemical Individuality

Nutritional Balancing Science supplements address Biochemical Individuality

Although we are all lacking necessary nutrients in some form, specific nutritional needs vary from person to person; a variation known as biochemical individuality. Biochemical individuality is why a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis and a Nutritional Balancing Science program are ideally suited to first analyze, and then correct your body's imbalances with specific supplement recommendations. 

Specific Nutritional Balancing Science dietary supplements, such as nutrient formulas from Analytical Research Labs or Trace Elements, Inc, are frequently recommended throughout the program. The formulations are designed to kick-start the process of correcting each individual's unique body nutrient needs. 

In addition to patterns and deficiencies identified on an HTMA test report, nutritional balancing program supplement considerations include an individual's age, sex, weight, and existing health conditions.

Nutritional Balancing Science supplement tips and types

If you have trouble remembering to take supplements each day, it can be helpful to understand what exactly each formulation is and what it does. If you don't know why you're taking a certain supplement to begin with, it can be harder to remember to do so. 

Here are some general supplement tips for beginners on a nutritional balancing program:

  • Start slow. It is recommended to begin small, and slowly build up to the recommended dosages to see how your body reacts. Many supplements have active ingredients in them which can have powerful effects on the body. If necessary, you may cycle your supplements by skipping a day, but try to stay consistent.
  • Organize. In whatever way is most convenient, organize daily supplements by filling small bags or pill boxes with the Nutritional Counselor recommended or bottle "suggested" dosages.
  • Food helps. Take all supplements, unless otherwise directed, at meal time - whether right before, during, or after eating. This helps you stay on schedule while enabling the best absorption of each supplement.
  • Store at room temperature for daily use. If you’re not currently taking the supplement daily, then it can be refrigerated to maintain the highest potency for occasional use.
  • Don’t substitute other brands. Different supplement brands have different formulations that perform specific functions. During the program, stick to the specific brand recommended by your Nutritional Balancing Practitioner.
  • Watch for pill digestion issues. If you find your body does not absorb one or more of the recommended supplement pills (you will notice the undigested pill in your stool), first try crushing the pill and mixing it with a little water. If crushed pills are not ideal, contact your Nutritional Counselor who may recommend one or more digestive aids.

Nutritional Balancing Science recommended supplement formulation types may include:

  • Adrenal Support Formulas: An adrenal support supplement is typically recommended to an individual whose HTMA test report shows a low sodium/potassium or sodium/magnesium ratio and/or a high calcium/potassium ratio.
  • Digestive Aids: One or more digestive aids are typically recommended to new nutritional balancing program participants. This is because 80% of new clients are found to be lacking in adequate digestive enzymes and many also have a problem with Candida overgrowth. 
  • Glandular Supplements: Kidney glandular supplements support healthy kidney function, detoxification and the elimination of toxic metals such as cadmium, mercury, nickel or copper from the body.
  • Liver and Gallbladder support formulas: Often recommended to slow oxidizers, liver and gallbladder supplement formulas help the body to thin bile, improve peristalsis in the intestines, support pancreatic function, and reduce intestinal putrefaction.
  • Thyroid Support Formulas: Often recommended to persons with hypothyroidism, slow oxidizers, and to those who have a a calcium/potassium ratio that exceeds 8:1. 

Some symptoms related to toxin elimination, known as healing reactions, are anticipated at the beginning of a nutritional balancing program. Nutritional Coach Eileen Durfee instructs all Initial HTMA and Body Mineral Balancing program clients to schedule a consultation immediately if they begin to experience adverse or unusual symptoms or reactions after beginning a new supplement regimen or detoxification protocol.

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