​Ozonated Water Dangers - Guidelines for Proper Consumption

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 2nd Nov 2017

Ozone Information

The consumption of ozonated water has many fantastic benefits for your body, but there are risks to consider to make sure the procedure is done properly and safely.

Ozone contains three atoms of oxygen, but is also an unstable form of oxygen, and can cause harm if used and consumed in the wrong way. When oxygen is mixed with water, there is the chance to get extreme benefits.

Ozone is a strong oxidizing agent, and can cause damage when inhaled in too large amounts.

Examples of irritation causes by ozone’s strong reactivity include damage to the tissues of eyes, lungs, nose, sinuses, and throat, chest pain, coughing, breath shortness, burning eyes, nausea, and wheezing. Tests have shown ozone can affect the vital lung capacity, which is the amount of air that can be expelled from fully inflated lungs. Improper consumption of ozone can counteract the fantastic benefits that result from it.  

All of these potential dangers are why we strongly recommend turning on an exhaust fan, and leaving the room, when using ozone to treat the air, and even when using it to create ozonated water. It is a fantastic oxidizer and purifier, but we do have to be cautious of the risks involved in its use.

The chemistry of ozone differs when it is in air compared to when it is water. Ozone has been used extensively for water purification over time, where it is found to be safer compared to in its gaseous state. This is because the matter of gas is more reactive than liquids, and therefore, more harmful. Ozone has been studied and used therapeutically for over 50 years, according to an article from the Journal of Natural Science, Biology, and Medicine from 2011. In addition, a Biomedical Reports study from 2014 showed the effects of ozonated water on acute inflammation in mice. Ozonated water was found to help reduce inflammation by decreasing the inflammation factors, and promoting natural antioxidants from the body. Ozonated water, full of ozone and oxygen, is also used topically in dentistry, surgery, and other applications. 

Drinking ozonated water is equivalent to drinking ozone. It is great and convenient that we can use ozone to make ozonated water, so we can get the benefits from its liquid form without the risks. Ozonating water can produce pure water that is free of bacteria, parasites, spores, viruses, and chemicals.

There are still specific guidelines for ozonating water and consuming it that should be followed to ensure safety and to receive the most benefits. Ozone has a short half-life, which is why it needs to be consumed soon after it is prepared. We recommend you ozonate a glass of distilled water for about 10 minutes, which will fully saturate it. Start with drinking only 4 ounces at once, and work your way up to 2 liters. Remember to drink the ozonated water right away to take advantage of its beneficial properties.

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