The evolution of the 2018 Sauna Fix near infrared tent sauna systems

Posted by Go Healthy Next on 26th Jun 2018

Over the past year, a great deal of thought and care has gone into upgrading the original 2015 Sauna Fix near infrared tent sauna system to put forth the best portable near infrared (NIR) saunas ever made.  Preparation for several improvements to both the Sauna Fix lamp and radiant sauna tent construction and design began in early 2017. After many months of hard work, the two new 2018 Sauna Fix NIR tent sauna systems will finally be available worldwide on August 31st, with several bonus features that no other tent sauna system delivers to consumers.

The Newly Upgraded 2018 Sauna Fix tent sauna systems now offer:

  • A choice of sauna tent type: there are now two taller sauna tent options to choose from, each with 6’5” of ceiling height, delivering plenty of room for persons of average height to stand up during a sauna session. One tent is designed for single person use, and the other is large enough for two to sauna or for one person to exercise inside.
  • Flexibility of multiple sauna positions: each of the two new sauna tents can be utilized in more than one way. Users can now reposition the tent frame and make use of custom tent panel and/or pole inserts to enjoy a sauna session seated, standing or lying down. 
  • Unparalleled sauna heat retention: the new radiant sauna tent assembled has been tested and proven to retain 95% of sauna heat inside the enclosure and to reduce outside noise by 54%.
  • Unbeatable fire safety rating: the 2018 Sauna Fix radiant sauna tent material is the first to achieve a “Class A” fire safety rating, the highest grade of flame resistance possible.
  • Organic cotton bindings: organic cotton is replacing the original non-organic cotton canvas previously used in binding the tent panel edges and zippers.
  • Zero fungal growth: in a fungal resistance test, the new tent material showed zero fungal growth and a high resistance to corrosion. This is a huge bonus when considering the amount of moisture floating around when sauna sweat starts to roll!

To get a better feel of the evolution from the old Sauna Fix to the new, here is what the original 2015 Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle NIR tent sauna system looked like:

The original Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle tent sauna system

Although originally designed to maximize the effectiveness of near infrared sauna therapy, a number of Ultimate Bundle consumers and potential buyers expressed a desire for radiant tent improvements specific to their needs. The most common upgrade suggestions and requests centered around the NIR sauna tent. Consumers wanted a sauna tent with:

  • More ceiling height (enough overhead space to stand up and sauna)
  • More interior space (enough for two people to sauna, or for one person to lay down or workout)
  • A different color (more aesthetically pleasing, or anything but silver with red trim)

Yoga Digest even suggested a near infrared sauna tent spacious enough to perform Hot Yoga exercises inside.

Taking all of these consumer and niche market suggestions into account, Sauna Fix creator Eileen Durfee went to work on developing a new tent prototype and ended up designing two uniquely different tent sauna systems. Eileen felt that offering two sauna tent options, and upgrading the complementary sauna accessories included with the original Ultimate Bundle, would better address the most requested consumer needs. So, she decided to move forward with developing both new Ultimate Bundle concepts to completely replace the original system.

The two new 2018 Sauna Fix tent sauna Ultimate Bundle names and prototypes:

Eileen gave each of the two new Ultimate Bundle prototypes their own name:

  1. The Hot Yoga and Exercise Sauna Bundle
  2. The Convertible Sauna Bundle

Minus the door panel, the Hot Yoga and Exercise sauna tent prototype looked like this:

Sauna Fix Hot Yoga and Exercise tent sauna system prototype

Obviously taller and roomier with plenty of space for hot yoga exercises, the Hot Yoga and Exercise sauna bundle includes (among other items) a the Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp and a bamboo mat backed with the same radiant material used in the tent panels.

The Convertible Sauna Tent prototype, which converts 3 ways, looked like this when assembled for the standing position:

The Convertible tent features a custom radiant panel insert that lowers the ceiling to the ideal height for a session in a seated position. The Convertible sauna tent also flips effortlessly into a horizontal tent and, with a couple of quick frame adjustments and pole inserts, provides enough room to sauna lying down.

The Next Step in the Sauna Fix Evolution: Improving radiant tent aesthetics and tent panel construction

Once the two sauna tent prototype frame designs were ready for patent process, the next step was to explore additional tent improvements and upgrades such as:

  • Updating the radiant tent panel thickness to improve sauna heat retention
  • Strengthening the sturdiness of the tent panel zippers and
  • Replacing the cotton fabric in the tent panel seams with organic cotton
  • Changing the exterior tent color to a more aesthetically pleasing color scheme
  • Updating the tent travel bags to match the new color scheme

Using the same manufacturer that had produced the original Sauna Fix tents, Eileen came up with a new exterior pattern and by November 2017 she had received her first revised prototype and matching travel/storage bags. The aesthetics of the new pattern really shined through. 

November 2017: The first revised prototype of the Convertible tent, bamboo mats and travel bags looked like this:

First revised prototype of the Convertible Sauna tent and bamboo mats

Although the tent exterior looked great, upon closer inspection there were numerous construction and panel thickness issues that had not improved. In the end, Eileen learned that the original Sauna Fix 2015 manufacturer could not provide the tent construction upgrades that both she and consumers wanted. So, in December 2017, Eileen began an exhaustive search for a new manufacturer that could meet or exceed every one of the construction upgrade requirements on her list.

Luckily, by January 2018, Eileen found and hired a forward-thinking replacement manufacturer for the new radiant sauna tents... and the Sauna Fix NIR tent sauna system evolution continued. The New Sauna Fix tent manufacturer has improved the tent construction dramatically, first and foremost by providing the thickest possible (6 mm thickness) bubble insulation. This thicker insulation not only improves sauna heat retention (in comparison to the original sauna tent material), but also makes each radiant tent panel significantly more durable against accidental damage.

March 2018: The new radiant sauna tents evolve from a dark wood grain pattern to a golden wood grain pattern exterior design 

Samples of additional wood grain patterns were evaluated, and an improved wood grain finish was selected. Considering that the top three paint colors of the 8 most popular paint colors in America last year were Bright White, Antique White and Beige, everyone thought the lighter tent exterior pattern color would probably blend in better with wall colors inside the average American home. 

The new, lighter-tone natural wood grain pattern can be seen up close in this panel sample:

Once the tent panel sample and new color tone was approved, the new Sauna Tent prototypes were back in process. By the end of March 2018, the new manufacturers began putting together their first prototype samples for us to look at.

May 2018: The golden wood grain sauna tent prototypes 2 are ready - but both needed just one more little change.

By the time Eileen received the new tent prototypes, she realized that the original black-colored organic cotton trim didn't coordinate as well with the new lighter toned tent panels. So, the last update Eileen has asked our new manufacturer to make is to change the black organic cotton trim seen in this photo:

with this brownish trim color (that also coordinates better with the new chocolate brown travel/storage bags):

June 4, 2018: Radiant sauna tents receive U.S. Patent Office approval

Now that the U.S. Patent Office has granted approval for the two new tent designs, existing patent applications already submitted to other countries internationally will likely be approved as well. Patent approval means that no other company can legally offer any of the features unique to each of the radiant sauna tents.

June 26th: Convertible Bundle Tent Sauna System Pre-Sale Begins

Once Eileen receives and approves the final Hot Yoga and Exercise sauna tent prototype, arriving mid-July with the new chocolate brown tent trim, we'll be sure to update this post right away with lots of pictures. In the meantime, with U.S.A. patent approval granted, and a manufactured delivery date of August 30th confirmed, a limited quantity of the Convertible Bundle tent sauna systems are now available for pre-order along with $800 worth of free gift items. 

Limited to the first 50 customers, anyone ordering one of the new Sauna Fix Convertible Bundle tent sauna systems in advance (for August 31st shipping) will receive the original Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp and travel bag along with most of the Convertible Bundle sauna accessories (pictured below), PLUS all $800 worth of these pre-order free gift items... will ship right away. The Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent frame, panels, and accessories will ship to pre-order customers first. Tent shipments will begin August 31st, 2018.