Why Ozone Systems are Smarter and Greener for Home Water Purification

Posted by Go Healthy Next on 2nd Nov 2017

Health Benefits of Ozone SystemsThe world's drinking water is becoming increasingly toxic, but there are smarter and greener home water purification systems moving into the spotlight that will eliminate a long list of water toxins - without added chemicals or expensive filters. 

These FDA-approved systems are called Ozone Systems, and these water ozonating miracles are the smartest home water purification method money can buy. For a plethora of green and healthy reasons...

Ozone systems are smart, because they use ozone generators - a whole-home water purification system that injects ozone gas into water to produce ozonated water - that do not require the use of expensive filters. 

Ozonating water is a remarkably simple process that can single-handedly minimize or eliminate harmful chemicals and unwanted bacteria present in virtually everyone's home water. 

A unique feature of ozone systems is that, by ozonating water, the process adds humanly healthy levels of oxygen to drinking water. With the added oxygen, consuming ozonated water daily also dramatically improves human health.

Using ozonated water to clean, shower and launder fosters a healthier and safer home environment. In fact, ozone is used by countless medical facilities to sterilize and clean clothing, wash dishes and disinfect surfaces. This is because ozone works faster and better than virtually any cleaning agent. More importantly, it is able to do so without polluting indoor areas with volatile organic compounds (unlike the slew of VOCs found in most dishwasher detergents, furniture polishes and laundry detergents). 

This capacity for non-toxic sterilization is why ozone generators and ozone systems are used in many hospitals, medical clinics, and commercial facilities that require a hypoallergenic sterilized environment. 

Other Facts and Benefits of using Ozone Systems at Home:

  • Ozone is organic and FDA approved for home water purificationVery little contact time is needed for purification. The ozone concentration generated is 3000 times more powerful than chlorine in the destruction of bacteria. Ozone destructs the cell wall of bacteria to immediately kill pathogens and eradicates parasites such as Giardia and Cryptosporidium from water.
  • Ozonated water attacks contaminants such as arsenic, nitrites and hydrogen sulphide. 
  • It provides 9 times the amount of ozone needed to kill E.coli
  • Ozone systems are environmentally friendly! Ozone is certified organic and has been approved by both the FDA and USDA
  • It can even be used in the gardening to kill bacteria, molds and unwanted pests on or around plants. 

If you're in the market for an affordable home ozone system, consider the Tri-Oxy PURE. The Tri-Oxy PURE ozone system is different from other ozone generators because it utilizes an incredibly intelligent ozone injection system known as the Venturi. The Venturi ozone injection system is much more energy efficient (utilizing only 6 watts of power) and produces instant, on demand ozone, at the highest recommended levels of concentration. 

If you're not quite ready for a whole home ozone system, there are smaller Tri-Oxy ozone generators available for kitchen or other sink area use that are great for producing smaller or single use batches of ozone and ozonated water.