​Why You Need Negative Ions in Your Sauna

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 2nd Nov 2017

Did you know that negative ions can do more than purify the air? Learn the history, benefits and latest discoveries about negative ions in saunas and how you can implement them to maximize wellness sauna therapy.

History of negative ions in the sauna

Health Benefits of Negative Ions in a Sauna

Ions were originally a part of sauna therapy and considered as equally important as the actual heat from a sauna. Traditional saunas produced negative ions from water poured over rocks. Tests show that splashing water over super-heated rocks in these word burning saunas produces large amounts of negative ions, which supports why Finns felt the refreshed and relaxed effects of negative ions, as opposed to when using electric ones.

This is the reason some traditional saunas are still the most popular international choice, since ion therapy is just as necessary for healing as heat stress therapy. Unfortunately, these kinds of saunas use up a lot of energy, are expensive, and require a large amount of time to pre-heat, which is why infrared saunas (such as the Sauna Fix) are now the popular alternative for home use. The downside of this is the loss of healthy ions in the sauna.

Enter the Breathe Safe Sauna Ion Generator!

The Breathe Safe not only works as an air purifier for your everyday activities, by reducing VOCs (volatile organic compounds), bacteria, viruses, mold, dust, pollen, and particulates, but it doubles as a sauna ion generator. Studies show sauna therapy is made much more effective with the presence of negative ions. Without negative ions, poisonous positive ions accumulate which can lead to fatigue and anxiety, unless the sauna happens to have adequate ventilation, although this lowers ambient temperatures and defeats the point of the sauna.

An experiment performed with two saunas showed that heat stress therapy is even more powerful when there are negative ions. Thirteen test subjects took saunas both with and without the presence of negative ions, and it was found that when in the sauna with negative ions, the subjects’ thermal stress levels lowered and body’s temperatures slowly changed. The researchers determined the negative ions contributed to a strong temperature raising effect. In addition, the subjects’ sweat production, pulse sweats, and various body parts’ temperature were noticeably higher after a sauna with negative ions. Studies also show that the inhalation of at least 20,000 ions per cubic centimeter doubles the user’s sweat volume and maintains the rectal temperature in response to heat stress.

An abundance of ions for your sauna

Breathe Safe generates healthy negative ions for Saunas

The Breathe Safe generates over 23,000,000 ions per cubic centimeter. It is a blend of mostly negative ions, with 19,100,000 negative ions, and 4,400,000 positive ions. This large ratio of negative ions to small ratio of positive ions creates a powerful electron exchange. The unstable invisible electron cloud breaks down contaminates and leaves behinds an abundance of negative ions that can be inhaled and absorbed by the body. Meanwhile, the ions continually rob hydrogen molecules from protein surfaces of bacteria, among other pathogens, and makes them unstable to mutate.

As studies have shown, negative ions help to reach sauna therapy’s main goals, which is for the body temperature to rise and sweat production to significantly increase. Furthermore, despite higher body temperature being a strain on the body, test subjects in saunas with negative ions were not even aware of this effect, as the negative ions diminished the unpleasantness of the heat. This is because negative ions can also contribute to a boost in mood, relaxation, and alertness, with decreased feelings of depression and negativity.

Add negative ions to your sauna today!

Use the Breathe Safe Sauna Ion Generator during your sauna therapy sessions, and inhale beneficial negative ions! It is specifically designed for use in small spaces, and can operate with any power outlet, or even an external battery pack, which makes it a perfect complement the Sauna Fix.

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