Why You Should Increase Your Plasma Intake

Posted by Eileen Durfee on 2nd Nov 2017

What is Plasma?

Plasma's Negative Ions Kill Airborne Contaminants

Plasma is a naturally occurring mixture of ions and electrons that contains both positive and negative ions. Positive ions are abundant in highly polluted areas, cities or towns with a high level of toxins in the air. But negative ions are found in the forests, woods, fields and minerals of nature. 

In a way, Plasma's negative ions exist to counteract the actions of positive ions by attacking the positive ion-generated particles and compounds that contribute to toxic air. Plasma's negative ions are effective in reducing bacteria, mold, dust, Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOCs), smoke and other pollution contaminants. 

Why do we need Plasma in the Air?

If you wonder why your air needs to be treated with plasma and negative ions, or why you should even bother, consider this: although you cannot see the air you breathe, it has a huge impact on your well-being.The quality of the air you breathe makes a huge difference to your health. Unfortunately, the world is so toxic that we are constantly exposed to contaminated air that is contaminating our bodies as well.

Think you're safe to breathe indoor air? Think Again!

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency, indoor air is 2-5 times more toxic than outdoor air. This is alarming, considering that the majority of people spend most of their time indoors. Cleaning products, air fresheners, and even the carpet and furniture in our homes, all contribute to higher contaminant levels in the air we breathe.

We are constantly surrounded by more bacteria than we might imagine, as well. The University of Arizona found through a study that the average desk has four hundred times more bacteria than even a toilet seat. The keyboard of a computer, which many people have their hands on for several hours each day, has ten million bacteria. Exposure to large amounts of bacteria can cause so many detrimental effects, and lead to symptoms such as fatigue, headaches, dizziness, nausea, and more.

Since we breathe in a less than desirable quality of air on a regular basis, we need a solution to make it less toxic. We need as much help as we can get to escape these irritants and prevent them from disrupting our bodies.

The wonders of plasma

Plasma is the fourth state of matter, and consists of both positive and negative ions. These ions are invisible, and extremely reactive. They are active molecules of oxygen, which is why they are also known as the vitamins of the air. Ions form when air passes over ionization tubes, or needles and a discharge plate. The ions then travel out in order to neutralize the air’s pollutants. They charge particles in the air through ionic bonding, and these charged particles then increase when stuck together so they can be removed. As an example, if bacteria and mold divide and bond with ions, they become oxidized, destructed, and unable to multiply. They swap their electrons with VOCs to weaken their molecular structure and make them less harmful.

Positive ions have one electron less than negative ions, which is what makes them unstable. A blend of both negative and positive ions equates a fantastic energy effect. The right combination of both types of ions is easy to breathe in and easy for the lungs to absorb. The ions continuously rob the contaminant’s protein surface of hydrogen and anything else that is found floating in the air. Nothing that comes into contact with plasma can mutate against it, so the air can be sterilized.

So how can we use plasma to reduce our exposure to the contaminated air that surrounds us and is impossible to escape? Go Healthy Next has your solution with its air purification products, including the portable Breathe Safe plasma generator.

Breathe Safe Plasma Air Purifier 

The Breathe Safe Plasma Air Purifier and Sauna Ion Generator

The Breathe Safe plasma air purifier is a light-weight and compact machine, yet powerful. This small device generates over 23 million ions per cubic centimeter, which is even more than much larger machines. It also features a blend of negative and positive ions, with 19,100,000 negative ions, and 4,400,000 positive ions. The combination creates an unstable invisible electron cloud that breaks down the contaminants. 

Laboratory test reports show that the Breathe Safe eliminates 46.1% of bacteria, 99.68% of particulates, 86.4% of volatile organic compounds, and all the formaldehydes, benzenes, and more. In addition to this fantastic sterilizing effect, an abundance of negative ions are left behind to be inhaled by the user.

You can get more for less with the Breathe Safe which not only boasts powerful air purification properties, but is also portable. You can take this machine with you anywhere so you never have to be without purified air. The Breathe Safe can plug into any USB or outlet, including 110V Outlet 2 Flat Prongs, 220V Outlet European 2 Round Pins, a 12V Cigarette Lighter, and even an external battery pack. You can take it on the road, keep it at your desk, move it with you between rooms, and more. Use it on your bedside at night to inhale the beneficial ions all night long. Wherever you breathe, you will want to be breathing safe.

The Breathe Safe can be operated in three different modes to provide the user with the option that best suits their needs. Choose between continuous plasma that never stops (green light), cycles of plasma on for two minutes and off for one minute (blue light), or cycles of plasma on for one minute and off for two minutes (red light). Personalize your use of the Breathe Safe by keeping it wherever you like, moving it around, and selecting whichever plasma cycle you choose.

The advantages of the Breathe Safe, such as its powerful output of plasma for air purification, and its versatility to be used anywhere at any time, make it a convenient way to integrate plasma into your life, and great solution for constantly purified air.

Own a Home Sauna? The Breathe Safe Doubles as a Sauna Ion Generator!

Breathe Safe Sauna ION Generator and Plasma Air Purifier

The Breathe Safe can be used in more ways than one, as we highly recommend integrating it into near infrared sauna therapy, such as with the Sauna Fix

Traditional saunas with a heater and rocks were (and still are) used to raise ambient temperatures and promote heat stress. Heat stress results in increased circulatory effects, as well as causes sweating. Some of these saunas also produced negative ions with water poured over the rocks. The downside is these types of saunas are expensive to purchase, expensive to install, and require special wiring, not to mention consume large amounts of electricity. They also require about a half hour of pre-heating before the sauna session can even begin. It is no wonder so many people have strayed away from these traditional saunas, but unfortunately, they are now missing the essential ion component as well.

The Breathe Safe and the Sauna Fix together offer a solution to get a two for one deal of powerful ion and sauna therapy. The Breathe Safe can be used inside any home sauna as a Sauna Ion Generator, enabling sauna goers to reap the benefits of both heat stress and negative ions.

Negative ion therapy is still considered as essential as heat stress therapy. Studies show the great effects of the presence of negative ions with saunas. If you inhale at least 20,000 ions per cubic centimeter in the sauna, your sweat volume will double and your rectal temperature will not decrease, but continue to rise, even once you are out of the sauna. The people who took part in this study were not uncomfortable from the increased heat, but actually felt invigorated, due to the inhalation of the ions.

We strongly recommend you inhale negative ions in your sauna with the Breathe Safe! Its small design was created for use in small spaces and for portability, which make it absolutely perfect for distributing negative ions in the sauna. Without negative ions as part of sauna therapy, there will be an accumulation of positive ions, which can result in fatigue. The benefits of the plasma and near infrared sauna combination is why traditional saunas are still such a popular choice, despite the expense. 

Invest in Better Air Quality!

Whether you want to integrate the benefits of negative ions with your sauna therapy, or simply enhance your quality of the air you breathe on a daily basis, invest in the Breathe Safe! This high quality air purifier has all you need with a powerful distribution of beneficial ions, portability, versatility, and the ability to enhance sauna therapy. Click here to purchase the Breathe Safe and add plasma into your life.

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