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Breathe Safe

Breathe Safe

Every day we are exposed to dust, mold, bacteria and Volatile Organic Chemicals.  They’re everywhere on our keyboards, on our phones, and in the air.  “Ugh" They can make us sick.  But now there is a device that reduces exposure to these invisible hazards.

Introducing the Breathe Safe™, a portable plasma generator designed to reduce the body’s stress response caused by exposure to harmful chemicals and organisms.  The Breathe Safe™ lightens the daily toxic load that is placed on the human body without creating super bugs, by releasing an invisible large cloud of negative and positive ions.  With 23,450,000 ions per cubic centimeter the Breathe Safe helps neutralize bacteria, viruses, and fungus by repeatedly robbing hydrogen molecules from pathogen protein surfaces.  The whole ionic process releases energy and reduces Volatile Organic Chemicals, particulates, spores, odors and dust mites.

We strongly recommend using the Breathe Safe™ with your Sauna Fix® for increased detoxification. Studies show that the presence of negative ions in a sauna greatly enhances the photo therapy benefits.  Read more about the research regarding the benefits of plasma and sauna therapy. Laboratory test results show that an individual operating the Breathe Safe™ inside a 3 m³ test chamber (slightly larger than the radiant Sauna Tent) for 30 minutes at a 100 cm distance, would take in 56,000 negative ions per cm3.  This makes it an expectionally powerful addition to your near infrared sauna.

The Breathe Safe™ is both safe and efficient for inside the sauna enclosure and is specifically designed for use in small spaces.  It is portable and can plug into a USB or an outlet of any voltage so that you and your loved ones can purify on the go anywhere in the world.  The Breathe Safe™ consumes only 2 watts of power, is light weight at 11.1 oz, and it is easy to maintain all while producing a tremendously high ion output.

Reduce the invisible hazards for yourself and the ones you love with the Breathe Safe™.