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It's simple, just fill out your client forms online without printing or emailing information to us. Click here for an instructional tutorial on how to submit the forms. Mac users who have trouble submitting their hair analysis forms should see additional this support page


Everyone must join the Nutritional Balancing Academy and fill out the membership form which is included with your purchase.

Nutritional Balancing Academy Membership Form

In addition to the blue Laboratory Order form that you mail to Analytical Research Labs (P. O. Box 37964, Phoenix, AZ 85069-7964) with your hair sample, Dr. Lawrence Wilson needs your information.  The below forms are required for him to design your program, so please select the correct one for your hair analysis (i.e. first test use "Initial", second or retests use "Retest", for pets use the Initial or Retest pet forms).

Initial General Information Sheet

Retest General Information Sheet

Initial Pet Information Sheet

Retest Pet Information Sheet

If you are already on the program and are having problems Dr. Wilson will review your circumstances and make additional recommendations.  Question Forms require an advance consultation payment for processing and to cover 15 minutes of administrative time.  Please purchase consultation time here.  Then fill out the below form if you have already contacted Eileen Durfee and she has recommended the question form to you.

Question Form - For Dr. Wilson