Convertible Sauna Bundles

Sauna Fix® Convertible Sauna Ultimate Bundles

New Sauna Fix Convertible Bundle tent sauna system arriving August 2018 at Go Healthy NextAvailable August 31st: 

The first tent sauna system that converts 3 ways, so users can sauna standing up, sitting down, or lying down! Enjoy the benefits of home near infrared sauna therapy with boosted ion, oxygen and body mineral balancing salt therapies for an overall healthier you! 

No other tent sauna system on the market delivers as much flexibility, choice or extras than the new Sauna Fix Convertible Sauna Bundle - available for pre-order in June 2018. Since the first Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle arrived in 2015, users have been asking for a larger, more aesthetically pleasing and eco-friendly home near infrared sauna system that lets them do more than just sit and sauna. Sauna Fix creator, Eileen Durfee heard those suggestions and came up with the world's first convertible NIR sauna tent design.

Combine the radiant sauna tent and near infrared sauna lamp improvements with complementary wellness products that deliver ions, oxygen, body mineral balancing, and near infrared light eye protection - and you've got a winning recipe for obtaining optimum health benefits from home near infrared sauna therapy.  The lightweight, durable Sauna Fix Convertible Bundle indoor tent sauna system is fully portable. Every bundle includes matching travel bags: (1) for the sauna lamp, (1) for the tent poles and brackets, and (1) to house the tent panels and bamboo exercise mats.