Radiant Sauna Tent (INTL Shipping)

21.00 LBS
$175.00 (Fixed Shipping Cost)
Sauna Fix portable radiant near infrared sauna tent and organic bamboo fleece throw rug for International shipping to addresses outside of the U.S.A.

Radiant Sauna Tent and Bamboo Fleece Throw Rug (DISCONTINUED)  


This sauna tent is for International customers only. If you live in the United States, shop our products that ship to the lower 48, Alaska and Hawaii!

Built to maximize near infrared sauna photo therapy exposure, this portable sauna tent's unique design and use of radiant insulation as tent fabric are both patent pending.

The tent's radiant insulation is non-flammable and non-toxic. This energy efficient fabric will hold in the heat as the near infrared rays radiate all around the inside of the enclosure.

The interior/enclosure size of the tent has increased to 4’ x 4' x 5' due to the superior heat retention of the fabric, which holds heat well enough to eliminate the need to preheat. 

The enamel coated metal of this tent frame prevents odors from outgassing. The self-supporting tent frame is lightweight and requires no extra tools for assembly! The structural frame means you can simply hang your Sauna Fix without having to clamp the light panel onto the frame.

Portable sauna tent specifications:

  • vp4.pngSingle bubble double sided radiant insulation material
  • 4’ x 4’ x 5’ dimensions and 18 pound weight
  • A back, ceiling, and door panel
  • Two side panels with zippers
  • A zippered door with dual controls
  • A moveable bar to hang the sauna fix
  • One sauna tent travel bag 
  • Eight 3 way corner brackets, eight horizontal poles, and eight vertical poles
  • Three bottom Velcro straps on each side and back panels to attach to bottom tent pole
  • Four bottom Velcro straps for door panel attachment to bottom tent pole

You can easily break this sauna tent down and fit it right inside the Sauna Fix Travel Bag for the convenience of taking your sauna anywhere and everywhere! The tent comes in two separate boxes. Click here for assistance with sauna tent assembly.

This purchase of the international Sauna Tent comes with an ultra-soft organic Bamboo fleece throw rug. This organic, natural, material is super soft, thick, and fluffy. The Sauna Fix and other accessories are not included with the purchase of the tent alone, and are represented in the photos for visual purposes only. 

1 year limited warranty