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Endo-met is a line of high quality vitamin and mineral dietary supplements specifically formulated by Endo-met Laboratories, Inc. to assist Nutritional Balancing practitioners in helping each individual client balance their body chemistry.

Each Endo-met supplement is designed to match the biochemical individuality of the user. Endo-met products do not contain peanuts, but the outsourced manufacturing plant does process products that contain nuts and nut oils for other companies. Food grade Isopropyl alcohol (IPA) is used to clean the machines and remove all residue from previous batches. The cleaning agents are verified and documented.

All Endo-met products are good for approximately four years after the manufactured date listed on the bottle. The date listed is not an expiration date. No banned substances on the WADA list are in Endo-met products or kept in the manufacturer’s facility.  All of the Endo-met dietary supplements meet the NCAA Standards, containing zero substances included on the 2017-18 NCAA Banned Drug list.