Food Salt

Healthy Salt and Baja Gold Sea Salt are both better than Himalayan Pink Salt

Amazingly Nutritious and Incredibly Healthy Natural Food Salt!

These tasty and body-friendly unrefined food salts from Baja Gold and Creatrix Solutions are both carefully crafted and minimally processed in order to retain the highest amounts of naturally occurring essential minerals and trace elements. Daily use of these types of food salts help to nourish the body, contributing to a healthier and livelier you!

Our food and beverage choices impact the body's pH and mineral content. It takes 20 parts of alkalinity to neutralize 1 part of acidity in the body. The pH of Baja Gold sea salt was analyzed at an alkaline pH of 8.04. The pH of Healthy Salt is 10.72! A pH this high is extremely therapeutic in equalizing the body’s pH after an acidic meal or acidic beverage. 

Baja Gold Sea Salt has 53 minerals! Healthy Salt has a confirmed whopping dose of 56 minerals, and is being tested to confirm trace amounts of up to 70 minerals in all! Either one is a far better choice of food salt than Himalayan Pink Salt.