Hair Analysis Review of Female 61 yrs old

Hair Analysis Review of Female 61 yrs old

This client testimonial was provided in 2012 by a lady who lived in close proximity to the Hanford site, a mostly decommissioned nuclear production complex. See how her health improved in 5 months since her initial hair analysis:

"Before I started the mineral program my health was impacted by being downwind from Hanford contaminants. l was afflicted with arthritis and had multiple surgeries, cysts, an enlarged heart, high blood pressure, insomnia, and depression, and l was exhausted all the time, and I had to push myself constantly.

l have been on the program since November of 2011 and have only taken the supplements once a day due to finances, however, my symptoms have dramatically improved.

Instead of only sleeping 2-4 hours I can sleep 10 to 12 hours if I want to. I no longer have constant headaches. l have energy and I am hardly ever depressed. My blood pressure has normalized and the sharp jabbing joint pain is gone. Before the program I was constantly eating all the time because of cravings, and now I have less cravings and have an increased desire to eat the foods that are good for me.

I just got my retest and I plan to continue to stay on the program and look forward to more improvements."

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