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Hair Analysis Tests

htma-hair-tissue-mineral-analysis.pngHTMA: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis Tests and Body Mineral Balancing Program

Body Mineral Balancing practitioners use hair analysis tests to quickly identify mineral deficiencies, excessive toxic metal levels, and other out of whack bodily ratios. HTMA test results serve as a starting point, or basic guide when building customized nutritional balancing and remineralization recommendations.

An initial Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis test is step one of a carefully guided Body Mineral Balancing Program - a program that helps get the body back on track towards optimal health. The recommended supplements and lifestyle changes, given as part of the program, help the body eliminate toxic metals and rebuild optimum mineral levels. 

The HTMA Hair Analysis Program (both Initial and Retest) includes a complete, hard-copy lab report booklet. Hair Analysis-guided Body Mineral Balancing programs are available for people and pets of all ages. Anyone who has specific questions about their results or needs 1-on-1 personalized assistance, may purchase Consultation time with Practitioner Eileen Durfee, NC.