Healthy Salt by Creatrix Solutions (2 oz)

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Healthy Salt by Creatrix Solutions (2 oz)

Detox, Alkalize, Re-hydrate and Re-Mineralize Your Body with Healthy Salt

The healthiest salt to hit the world is more than a "miracle salt"! It's a tasty whole-health wonder that really does detoxify, hydrate and alkalize the body while delivering more minerals than most whole foods or dietary supplements. 

The origins of Healthy Salt trace back to Oriental Folk remedies. For thousands of years, the method of removing toxins to enhance salt was secretly handed down for generations. Healthy Salt was not defined in scientific analysis, production methods, or application until recently.  

Many people believe salt is not good for them, and try to cut it from their diet. This can actually be detrimental to a person’s health, because the body’s vital organs require salt in order to function properly. Without an adequate amount of salt, the body is not effectively protected from the invasion of germs. Salt cleans the blood, prevents the body from decay, helps the liver function, and helps remove toxins from the body’s cells and organs.

Naturalists have known for years that sea salt is superior to the commercially used and processed table salt that is in so many homes. Although regular sea salt contains over 80 minerals, it also is full of hundreds of toxins and harmful substances. Healthy Salt represents an even better choice of mineral-rich sea salt. All harmful impurities and toxins are removed in the extensive three-plus-year creation process, without effecting the abundance of minerals contained within.  This salt is purified, full of life-strengthening minerals, and contains negligible amounts of toxins.  

Healthy Salt is the only salt that contains the minerals and energy needed to properly balance the body.

What can Healthy Salt do for you?:  

  • Support regular heartbeats - through addition of minerals.
  • Support normal blood pressure in combination with water - proportions are crucial.
  • Help extract excess acidity from the body’s cells.
  • Help support normal blood sugar levels.
  • Help generate hydroelectric energy in the body’s cells – used for local power generation where the body needs energy.
  • Help absorb food particles in the intestinal tract.
  • Help relieve mucus and sticky phlegm from the lungs – especially beneficial for those with breathing disorders.
  • Help relieve sinus congestion.
  • Help relieve muscle cramps, pain and spasms.

How Healthy Salt is made

The creation of Healthy Salt involves the use of natural ingredients, and spraying, washing, and heat treating to purify, energize, and alkalinize the salt to remove harmful toxins and heavy metals. No anti-caking agents are present in the salt.  

The salt is accumulated from a high-energy-and-mineral sea salt mine, and then moved to a shaded location, where it stays for up to three years. This is done to naturally rid the salt of brine, which is full of toxins, chemicals, waste, gas, and more.  The salt is sprayed with water, and dried multiple times to rinse off impurities. Herbs and secret natural ingredients are combined with the salt. It is then put in a container specially designed to treat the salt with a high temperature flame. This process can last many days to burn off all the harmful substances.

Ingredients:  Highly energized mineral rich mined and purified sea salt. Please note that salt is a natural product, and there may be occasional clumps of salt granules.  

How to Use

Suggested Use: Take 1/16 tsp by mouth, 3-5 times daily.  Allow salt to dissolve slowly in saliva, swish as long as possible (at least 60 seconds), and swallow little by little.  Or salt food to taste. 

Healthy Salt can also be used topically as a paste made from the salt and distilled water. Add a few drops of liquid per teaspoon of the salt, mix the two together, and you have a paste! Apply the salt paste directly onto clean body parts to use. You may choose to add honey to the paste to make it thicker.

You can also use Healthy Salt in the eye, nose, or ear. Dissolve one part Healthy Salt with two to three parts distilled water, then drain with a coffee filter. Use an eye dropper to dispense the solution in the desired body part, with just a few drops at a time. You may also wet cotton with the solution and place inside the nose or ear. Let the solution soak in, and repeat as often as necessary.

Testimonial - Eileen Durfee Salt Trial

When used for only 30 days (¼ - ½ tsp of Healthy Salt, in 1/16 tsp doses daily), Healthy Salt can have impressive and powerful results.  The following example of a hair analysis test show the effects this salt can have on one’s health: 

As shown in the graph, the Blood Sugar (Ca/Mg) ratio, Thyroid Function (Ca/K) ratio, and Adrenal Gland function (Na/Mg) ratios all improved, along with many other changes that rarely are combined together in the results of a single hair analysis retest. For instance, the first four minerals all increased, which indicates a coming alive pattern, with metastatic calcium and magnesium eliminating from the body through the hair, coupled with an increased oxidation rate.   Almost all of the toxic metals increased elimination from the body, including a significant dump of cadmium.

It has been said that the average half-life of cadmium in the human body is 27 years, and does not leave the body very much on its own. Cadmium toxicity occurs at any level above .008, and good elimination into the hair is between .004-.008.  Therefore, cadmium at a level of .054 in the hair is significant, coupled with an increased Thyroid and Adrenal Gland function, and a Sodium Potassium (Na/K) ratio that remained the same. Sodium almost always drops like a rock during a dump of cadmium, because cadmium has powerful adaptive qualities that the body uses as a crutch to function and produce energy.  Historically, Eileen predominantly has had a high Na/K ratio, and upon elimination of cadmium, her Na/K ratio fell below ideal.  However, this is the highest level of cadmium, that Eileen Durfee has seen in her hair since starting Nutritional Balancing Science in January of 2011.

Additionally she has also been a poor and very poor eliminator on almost all the metals, except arsenic due to damage from past prescription medications consumed before starting the program. Amazingly, she did not experience any of the cadmium elimination symptoms, and attributes that to her daily Healthy Salt, NIR Sauna Fix sessions, skin brushing, coffee enemas, ion therapy, and drinking ozonated water.  

The example lab report documents some of the amazing benefits Healthy Salt can bring to the body.  Since December of 2016 Eileen has been taking Healthy Salt, then stopping the salt and starting again, and cutting hair samples before and after those periods with and without the salt.  Test results have time and time again demonstrated improvements that she can only correlate to the addition of Healthy Salt.    

Eileen Durfee took a 1/2" long hair sample right before she added in Healthy Salt to her normal daily routine of doing all the daily detoxification protocols, recommended supplements, and diet.  Then, immediately after 30 days of taking Healthy Salt, she trimmed another 1/2" long hair sample, and sent it to be analyzed to document the results.  The only change to her normal routine was the addition of the Healthy Salt.  Since starting Nutritional Balancing Science, Eileen has been using a variety of sea salts, switching between Grey Celtic Sea Salt, Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Sea Salt, Himalayan Salt, Yellowstone Natural Salt, and others.  However, she has never seen so much improvement on her almost monthly hair analysis testing while using any salt product, as with Healthy Salt.

Everyone can be confident and add daily consumption of the purest, safest, mineral rich, toxic free salt in the world – Healthy Salt! Let this salt be a miracle in your life as it immediately alkalizes, hydrates, mineralizes, and detoxifies the body. Add to your food or drink, take doses of the salt daily, or use whatever method you prefer to reap the benefits of the salt’s nutritious minerals and healing energy.

The 72 elements identified on the lab report for healthy salt have been converted showing the maximum possible detection level if 100% of those elements were excreted into the hair.  100% excretion into the hair is impossible, but this comparison illustrates that the rise in toxic metals on the above HTMA lab chart could not have come from the negligible amounts contained in Healthy Salt.  Since hair analysis detection levels range from 0.0 to 0.000 mg% in 125 mg sample of hair, the conversion shows which healthy minerals could influence test results in a positive manner.  Check out the Healthy Salt Advanced Laboratories test conversion to see the results.

Disclaimer: Anecdotal evidence only. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food & Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent disease. Consult with your health care provider before starting this or any wellness program.