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How to Assemble the Sauna Tent

Please read below for help with assembling the Sauna Tent.


  1. Fit together short poles parts A + B to create the horizontal poles that will lay on the ground and across the top. (These poles fit inside the travel bag, so you will only have to assemble them once and never again. They only come in two pieces so that they can be shipped overseas).
  2. Attach a 3-way corner bracket to the end of each horizontal pole to connect them and form the frame. 
  3. Fit together long poles parts A + B to make the vertical poles.  Connect to the frame by inserting into the already attached bracket. 
  4. Fit together support poles parts A + B to make one support pole that the sauna will hang on. This will go across two of the top horizontal poles.
  5. Place the ceiling and 2-sided panel over the top of the frame. This will cover two of the sides and the top. 
  6. Attach the back panel with zippers to the ceiling and side panels. 
  7. Attach the door panel with zippers to the other ceiling and side panels.
  8. You can now unzip the door and hang the sauna inside from the support bar.


Additional tips: 

  • Use Velcro magic tape to secure the tent panels to the bottom frame. 
  • The tent panels only zip onto their respective sides. Figure out which end the door will go on so that you can orient the tent position based on where the door will be.
  • Try zipping and unzipping the door repeatedly for a few minutes to make it easier to operate. The more you zip the zippers, the easier they will work.  Don't worry about applying some pressure. These zippers are very industrial so zip as much as you like.
  • If you need to dissemble the tent, you can leave the corners on some of the poles. They will still fit inside of the tent bag.