How to clean the Breathe Safe

How to clean the original Breathe Safe Step 1

Both the original (purchased prior to 2017) and the new Breathe Safe air purifiers require very little maintenance, but still need to be cleaned from time to time.

Depending on the levels of dust or other particulates in your environment, it may need to be cleaned as often as every two weeks. 

With consistent daily use, dust and other particulates in the air can collect on the inner plates and needles of the Breathe Safe device.

How to clean the original Breathe Safe Step 2

When excessive amounts of dust and particulates accumulate on the needles and plates, it reduces the ion production of the machine.

In order to maintain proper levels of ion output, and ensure the longevity and optimum effectiveness of the machine, accumulated dust and particulates must be removed regularly.

To clear dust and particulates from the Breathe Safe, simply unplug the unit, flip it over, and use a moist cotton swab to gently wipe the underside of the plate and in between the needles.

How to clean the Breathe Safe Step 3

You do not need to remove the top cover to clean the Breathe Safe, but doing so allows more light and increased particle visibility during cleaning.

To clean the Breathe Safe without removing the cover, simply unplug the machine, turn it 90 degrees on it's side, and use a moistened cotton swab to wipe beneath the cover and between each of the needles.

Demonstrations of how to operate and clean both the original Breathe Safe air purifier (purchased prior to 2017) and the new Breathe Safe can be seen in the following videos: