How to screw in guards and bulbs

How to screw in the guards and sauna bulbs

If you experience difficulty trying to insert the guards and bulbs into the Sauna Fix, the following tips may be helpful:

  • Make sure that the socket is centered in the metal cup. The guard and bulb will not be able to screw in otherwise.
  • Lay the diamond base flat and take one hand and grip around the metal cup that covers the outside of the socket.
  • Pull firmly on the cup in the direction to increase the gap around the socket.  Use your strength to push it or pull it to create equal distance around all the socket sides inside the cup.
  • At the same time completely screw the guard down so that there are no threads showing. They must be all the way screwed down.
  • Once the guards have been installed completely you will be able to fully install the bulbs, which will not have to be done again.  The fully assembled Sauna Fix fits inside the travel bag.