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How to Take a Pet Hair Sample

Animals can benefit from a Hair Analysis and Nutritional Balancing Program just as much as humans.  Here is the information you need for taking a hair sample from your pet.

Pet Hair Analysis Sample Basics:

  • Wipe the fur clean with a cotton swab of rubbing alcohol before taking sample.
  • Let the sampling area dry before cutting the hair.
  • Analytical Research Labs determined normal ranges for pet hair analysis based on chest hair samples, but Dr. Wilson recommends taking the sample from the animal’s head. This is believed to be most accurate, as it is with humans. If the animal has short fur, you can take a sample from the neck area, where there is more hair.
  • Cut the sample as close as possible to the skin.  With long hair, discard all but the inch of hair closest to the skin.
  • Make sure to measure out 125 mg of hair (about ½ tablespoon) to send in for sampling.
  • Place the hair sample in a paper envelope (not plastic or aluminum foil), and do not tape or staple together.