HTMA Hair Analysis

HTMA: Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis 

Hair tissue mineral analysis (HTMA) tests, or hair analysis tests, are used to guide the design of a Nutritional Balancing Science body mineral balancing program.

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A proper HTMA program involves the experience of a licensed nutritional balancing practitioner. The goal of the test and the program is to first identify, and then correct metabolic arrangements so the body can excrete toxic metals and bio-unavailable minerals, and rebuild preferred mineral levels. Anyone who has signs of an impaired metabolism, reduced energy, or is confronting medically unexplained symptoms will benefit from a hair analysis test and Nutritional Body Mineral Balancing program services. 

HTMA is a metabolic screening test that shows significant mineral levels and ratios and any toxic metals that have excreted into the hair. Hair analysis is also a simple tissue biopsy that is non-invasive and extremely accurate if the hair sample is collected property. Hair samples are then processed correctly at an accredited laboratory, and interpreted by the services of an expert in nutritional counselling.  

Every cell enzyme and tissue contains one of three things: the correct mineral, the wrong mineral or a toxic metal. And when too many cells and tissues have the wrong elements...dysfunctions occur. Go Healthy Next offers HTMA tests from Trace Minerals, Inc. and from Analytical Research Labs. All HTMA test results are interpreted by Practitioner Eileen Durfee, NC.