ION Brite® Anion LED Light Bulbs 7 watt cool (3-pack)

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1.80 LBS
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Product Group:
Air Purifiers
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Anion LED light bulbs
7 watt
The 3-pack of ION Brite anion 7 watt cool light bulbs are perfect for placement in bathrooms and over kitchen sinks.

ION Brite® Anion LED light bulbs 3-pack 7 watt cool

Looking for a simple, mercury-free and maintenance free way to eliminate germs, odors and VOCs from bathrooms and kitchen areas? The ION Brite anion LED 7 watt cool light bulbs are a dual-purpose solution to air purification and beautiful home interior lighting.

Each ION Brite anion light bulb uses the silent power of negative ions to fight harmful compounds, battle bacteria and oust odors - all with the simple flip of a light switch. With this 3-pack, you'll triple the air purification and save 5% off the cost of buying each bulb separately. Save 10%, and kill even more germs around your home by purchasing the ION Brite anion LED 6-pack 7 watt cool light bulbs.

Testing shows that in just one hour of use, a single ION Brite kills 83% of bacteria in a small 3.5 foot by 3.5 foot by 6 foot room. After 24 hours of use, the ION Brite was proven to eliminate 99% of bacteria - including E coli. Imagine what 3 of these bulbs could do to sterilize and freshen the air in large bathrooms or kitchens! Every ION Brite anion LED light bulb carries a 30,000 hour life span and a 90-day limited warranty.

ION Brite Anion LED light bulbs carry a 90-day limited warranty provided: (a) you do not pull on the black carbon tip or (b) operate the bulb for longer than 10 hours at a time. Both actions will ruin the bulb's ion-generating circuit and void your warranty.