ION Brite Anion LED Bulbs

ION Brite Air Purification Light Bulbs

Each ION Brite Anion LED light bulb delivers premium home interior lighting while quickly and quietly refreshing, sterilizing, and purifying indoor air.

With the ION Brite, you get a mercury-free LED light bulb and a wide-spectrum air purifier combined into one amazing and easy-to-maintain product. Unlike most air purification products, ION Brite anion light bulbs require no cleaning and there are no filters to change - making them a smart way to save time and money while keeping home air clean, fresh and odor-free!

The ION Brite contains zero mercury and works as a powerful air purifier that generates millions of contaminant-killing negative ions. These amazing LED Anion light bulbs are tested and proven to be extremely effective at safely clearing the air of bacteria, odors, dust, smoke and volatile organic compounds such as Formaldehyde, Benzene and Ammonia. 

Each ION Brite features a tiny circuit board and a small carbon fiber tip that work together to provide silent air purification and, as an LED bulb, generates an impressive 30,000 hours of light. One antimicrobial bulb, in just one hour of use, kills 88% of bacteria in a 3' x 3' x 6' area. Available in discounted 3-pack and 6-packs, a set of these anion bulbs will quickly rid your bathroom, kitchen or any other room of unwanted germs (like E coli) while virtually eliminating harmful chemicals and carcinogens that contribute to environmental reactions, allergies and health problems.