ION Brite® Anion LED light bulbs 6-pack 7 watt cool

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Air Purifiers
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Anion LED light bulbs
7 watt
Six pack ION Brite anion LED negative ion generating light bulbs.

ION Brite® Anion LED light bulbs 7 watt cool (6-pack)

This six-pack of 7 watt "cool" anion light bulbs is a great choice for mercury-free lighting and air purification in large bathrooms, living rooms and kitchens. 

Negative ions are powerful air cleaners. Each ION Brite anion light bulb delivers a quiet stream of negative ions to quickly generate an amazingly healthy breathing environment indoors. The more bulbs you use, the faster you rid your home of smoke, dust, bacteria and other contaminants with the simple flip of a switch.

At the flip of a switch, a single ION Brite Anion LED bulb delivers 39,329,040 of cleansing negative ions per cubic inch of space. With that many negative ions, good things happen to indoor air. Air purifying test reports prove that, in as little as 24 hours of use, a single ION Brite anion bulb effectively reduces or eliminates harmful concentrations of toxins including: Ammonia, Benzene, Formaldehyde, TVOC and even E. Coli

The high negative ion concentration generated by each zero mercury ION Brite anion LED bulb will dramatically and safely freshen in-home air. The bulb will significantly reduce the worst and most noticeable odors, including high concentrations of smokeImagine what a 6-pack of these powerful air cleaning light bulbs can do to improve the air in large spaces! The ION Brite 7 watt cool anion bulb is also available for purchase in a single or money-saving 3-pack. Shop the entire collection of ION Brite Anion LED light bulbs.

ION Brite Anion LED light bulbs carry a 90-day limited warranty provided: (a) you do not pull on the black carbon tip or (b) operate the bulb for longer than 10 hours at a time. Both actions will ruin the bulb's ion-generating circuit and void your warranty.