ION Brite® Anion LED Light Bulbs 7 watt Warm (3-pack)

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Air Purifiers
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Anion Light Bulb
ION Brite Anion LED 3-pack air purification light bulbs at Go Healthy Next

ION Brite® Anion LED Light Bulbs 7 watt Warm (3-pack)

ION Brite supplies your home with LED lighting, while purifying the air at the same time. Plus, you save 5% off the price of each bulb by ordering a 3-pack. 

The ION Brite anion features a mini circuit board and special carbon fiber tip that enables each bulb to generate over 2,400,000 negative ions per cubic centimeter to speed the removal of harmful substances from the air and enhance the quality of your breathing zone. Laboratory test reports show just how efficient the ION Brite is at sterilizing and purifying indoor. More bulbs mean more purification power. 

The 30,000 hour life span of the ION Brite light bulb will ensure that you save electricity. However, to make the most of this lifespan, we strongly recommend you do not leave the bulbs on for more than 10 hours at one time. Leaving the bulb on for periods longer than 10 hours can cause too much heat to trap around the bulbs, and cause premature failure. Shop the full ION Brite collection for individual bulbs in 3W, 5W, and 7W, in both cool and warm tones. There is a 1 year limited warranty on each ION Brite Anion LED Bulb. DISCLAIMER: When handling and installing the ION Brite, DO NOT pull on the black carbon fiber tip.  It will stop production of ions, ruin the bulbs, and void your warranty.

ION Brite Anion LED light bulbs carry a 90-day limited warranty provided: (a) you do not pull on the black carbon tip or (b) operate the bulb for longer than 10 hours at a time. Both actions will ruin the bulb's ion-generating circuit and void your warranty.