Make Ozone portable

How To Make Your Tri-Oxy PURE Portable

You will need the following products to use your Tri-Oxy PURE as a portable machine:


(Photo: Philmore Right Angle DC Power Plug with 6' Cable - UPC 038975480213)

  • Two Crimp Quick Connectors


(Photo: Red Vinyl Insulated Female Quick Disconnect 22-18 AWG)

  • One Duracell  Battery

(Photo: 12V 2.3Ah AGM Duracell Ultra Battery - UPC 840821061909)

  • One Automatic Battery Charger (to maintain battery life and prevent overcharging) with connecting alligator clips

(Photo: Class 2 Battery Charger WK12V1000)

  • One Electrical Box 

(Photo:  SOCKiT BOX Weatherproof Powercord Connection Box - Although we used a standard gray box, we really recommend this one!)