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  • Sauna Fix® Sauna Spa Bundle
  • Zip two tents together and have enough room for hot yoga exercises.
  • Two Sauna Fix® Near Infrared Sauna lamps
  • Two Sauna Fix® Near Infrared Sauna lamp hangers and portable travel bags.
  • Two Sauna Radiant Tents, 2 Bamboo Mats and 2 Portable tent travel bags
  • Two pair of Stay Safe® near infrared sauna protective glasses
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Sauna Spa Bundle

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* 3 year limited warranty on Sauna Fix. This does not cover cost of shipping or misuse of the device. Full warranty information here:
* 1 year limited warranty on Sauna Tent. This does not cover cost of shipping or misuse of the tent, such as ripped zippers or binding, scrapes, dings, or bent tent poles. Full warranty information here:
* Bulbs not included::
* Ships to continental United States only.::
* I agree to all the terms and conditions of and acknowledge that the actual shipping costs paid by the seller and a $7 processing fee are deducted if a refund is processed.::
* Tent size 4'x4'x5', zip the two long edges of the two tents together:
* Light guards have been tested, inspected, and screwed on the Sauna Fix base prior to shipment. Take care not to cross thread and damage the light guards during assembly, which is excluded from warranty.:

Product Description

Sauna Spa BundleThe Sauna Spa Bundle


The Sauna Spa Bundle consists of everything the Travel Bundle does - times twoThe Sauna Fix radiant tents will soon be available in new colors, which is why we are offering this exclusive and limited time deal that saves you hundreds!

Room to Exercise and Room to Share:

The Sauna Spa bundle allows you to zip the two sauna radiant tents together. Doing so creates an enlarged spa sauna space that you can use to lay down and stretch or perform a few yoga exercises. 

Near infrared sauna therapy does not have to be a solo activity! Share a sauna session with a friend or loved one and reap all the health benefits while spending quality time together.

Speaking of Benefits:

Blood shunting from side to side is one of the fantastic benefits you can get from a near infrared sauna. This not only enhances circulation, but oscillates the skin so that water and toxins can escape from the blood and body.

For a complete overview of all near infrared sauna therapy benefits, watch these videos.


Each Sauna Spa Bundle includes: 

  • Nourishing Skin Package2 Sauna Fix® near infrared lamps (13.5" deep, 17" wide, 23" tall, 12 lbs) The Sauna Fix's metal is made of a proprietary blend of non-toxic polymers and metal that is safe to touch. 
  • 2 Sauna Fix® portable travel bags
  • 2 Sauna Radiant Tents
  • 2 Sauna Tent portable travel bags
  • 2 Bamboo Mats
  • 2 Pairs of Stay Safe® Protective Glasses 
  • 2 Sets of Rope Ratchets

Every Sauna Spa Bundle purchase also comes with the Nourishing Skin Package automatically added to the cart. This free package includes three yards of Organic Bamboo Fleece and our Tallow Balm in the Lavender scent.  

The organic bamboo fleece is super thick, fluffy, and provides a great, high quality material to wipe off with after a sauna. Tallow Balm is a high quality skin care product containing many essential vitamins that nourish the skin and body.




Warranty Information

3 year limited warranty on Sauna Fix. This does not cover cost of shipping or misuse of the device.

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