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Tri-Oxy RE-ION | Water Ozonator

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* 1 year warranty which does not cover cost of shipping to or from after 30 days or accidental damage. Upon inspection, replacement or repair for any damage caused by misuse will be at buyers cost and option.:
* The Tri-Oxy RE-ION operates on AC 110 volt, 60 Hz Input Voltage with USA plug. You can use a voltage converter transformer with at least a 50 watt rating to operate the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II with 220V / 240V power.:
* USE in at least a 10' x 10' area. Place it 5' away from your person. During the Plasma production process ozone singlets are created in the chain reaction, and by remaining within 2.5 feet of the RE-ION you might inhale too much ozone:
* I agree to all the terms and conditions of and acknowledge that the actual shipping costs paid by the seller and a $7 processing fee are deducted if a refund is processed.:
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Product Description

Tri-Oxy RE-ION II Plasma Air & Ozone Water Purifier | Plasma and Ozone

The new and improved Tri-Oxy RE-ION II is equipped with both Plasma and Ozone generators.  The previous model of the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II was recommended by Jeff Rense, Dr. Bill Deagle, and Dr. Dean Lloyd, and it has been improved with more attachments based on popular requests.  Listen to audio clips regarding the Tri-Oxy Re-ION II at the bottom of the page.  The machine can clean a 12' x 14' room effectively, with no filters required.

USE the RE-ION in at least a 10' x 10' room and place the unit 5 feet away from your person.  During the Plasma production process, ozone stinglets are created as part of the chain reaction. Remaining within 2.5 feet of the RE-ION would increase your risk of inhaling too high of levels of ozone.

The plasma and ozone can either be run independently or simultaneously.  Plasma provides negative ions, or anions, to the air and is a stronger oxidizer than the average negative ion generator.  Most ionized air and negative ion production's negative high voltage comes from plate use, which absorbs most of the negative ions during neutralization.  The Tri-Oxy RE-ION II supplies large amounts of negative ions, as well as a few positive ions, for a powerful reaction.  The positive ions are immediately neutralized and the energy produced purifies the air and leaves behind an abundance of negative ions.  Plasma is more powerful than Ultra Violet (UV) light and can decompose VOCs at a faster rate.  The Tri-Oxy RE-ION II produces six million ions per cubic centimeter (6 x 106 pcs/cm3), which is about the size of a sugar cube.  The plasma function can be run for a maximum of 8 hours. 

The use of ozone is accepted world-wide because of its oxidizing power, and can be operated with the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II for up to 30 minutes. However, it is important to responsibly use the ozone setting, since high concentrations of ozone can result in lung irritation and health issues. The FDA requires that we publish this ozone warning. Ozone can be discharged with the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II at 400 mg/hour straight into the air, or through the hose to a stone diffuser ball.  It is excellent for cleaning vegetables, meat, and water. If used in the air, we recommend exiting the room once the ozone setting is turned on, and returning after it has aired out.  Please visit this page to learn more about how to ozonate water.

Included with the Tri-Oxy RE-ION: 

  • Remote control (1)
  • Pump water water bottle (1)
  • Catheters (2)
  • Adapter (1)
  • Diffuser stones (3)
  • Silicone hoses (3)

The Tri-Oxy RE-ION operates on AC 110 volt, 60 Hz Input Voltage with USA plug. You can use a voltage converter transformer with at least a 50 watt rating to operate the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II with 220V / 240V power.

Enhance your life with the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II! See the image below for help in operating the machine. In addition, you can listen to the audio files regarding the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II posted below and view all the videos by expanding the Video section under the audio files.  

Warranty information: /warranty/


Rense Talk Radio 7-14-15 HR3 - Eileen Durfee Ozone & Plasma Guests Dr. Fred Chard and Dr. Dean Lloyd  

Rense Talk Radio 12-09-14 HR2 - Eileen Durfee - Amazing Ozone  

NB Show 6-10-15 Ozone With Dr. Dean Lloyd  

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