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Quantum Science

Quantum Science: Negative Ions, Scalar Energy, EMR and EMF Shields

An entire branch of Quantum Science is specially dedicated to creating products that help humans avoid the negative health effects spawned by modern day conveniences that emit harmful electromagnetic frequencies and/or electromagnetic radiation. 

Quantum anion emitting devices use minerals and stones to neutralize poisonous positive ions, often combined with scalar energy devices that improve your body's electromagnetic field by interacting with DNA.  Scalar energy devices help increase bodily cell voltage to the ideal levels between 70-90 millivolts. EMF/EMR shielding devices reduce human exposure to harmful electrical fields and electromagnetic radiation. We carry a variety of Quantum Jewelry, Negative Ion (Anion), magnetic and EMF/EMR-shielding items to meet all of your protective and energetic needs. Learn the basics of EMFs.