Sauna Accessories

Sauna Accessories at Go Healthy Next

Go Healthy Next sauna accessories are perfect, non-toxic complements to the Sauna Fix near infrared saunas. All accessories enhance the comfort, benefits and safety of any home sauna type.

  • Pre-Sauna Skin Brushing: Sauna detox is faster when sweat volume is increased. One effective practice, to encourage more sweating during every sauna session, is to use our natural bristle dry skin brush before stepping into the sauna. Read how to perform dry skin brushing to learn more. 
  • Sauna Eye ProtectionLong-term exposure to near infrared sauna light can cause damage to the eyes. The IR Guardian infrared protection glasses are one item that no Near Infrared Sauna owner should be without.  Additionally the IR Guardian protection glasses block out harmful blue light.
  • Sauna ION Generator: Boosts oxygen, cleans air inside of saunas and generates negative ions to triple the benefits of every sauna session. 
  • Toxin-Free Sauna SeatingThe Alder sauna stool and portable Poplar sauna stools are ideal for home sauna seating. Both wood types perform well under extreme sauna heat, and do not leak harmful toxins into the air while you sauna.