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  • Triple the Benefits of your next Sauna Session with the Breathe Safe® Sauna Ion Generator at Go Healthy Next
  • Breathe Safe® Ionic Sauna Booster
  • Breathe Safe® Ionic Sauna Booster is a plasma generator that adds an endless amount of beneficial negative ions into sauna therapy!
  • Breathe Safe® Ionic Sauna Booster: what comes in the box.
  • Breathe Safe® Ionic Sauna Booster Portable Battery Set-up
  • Breathe Safe® Ionic Sauna Booster with short cord and Insignia battery
  • External Power with cord and battery

Ionic Sauna Booster - for Maximum Sauna Benefits

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* 1 year warranty. This does not cover cost of shipping to or from after 30 days. It also does not cover accidental damage, such as impaired plasma function due to dropping the device. Upon inspection, replacement or repair for any damage caused by misuse:
* Optional battery and short cord not included.:
* Plug adapters provided: 110 Volt, and 12 volt Cigarette Lighter. Not included: UK, EU and Australian adapters. USB cord works w/ computers and batteries:
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Product Description


Ionic Sauna Booster

The Ionic Sauna Booster is a plasma generator that adds an endless amount of beneficial negative ions into sauna therapy! The machine is small, but mighty.  It weighs only 11.1 ounces and consumes 2 watts of power - however, the Ionic Sauna Booster produces over 23 million plasma ions per cubic centimeter.

You won't regret implementing plasma into your sauna therapy for enhanced detoxification! Studies show that sauna therapy becomes much more effective with the presence of negative ions

Laboratory testing shows that a user operating the Ionic Sauna Booster inside a 3 m³ test chamber (only a little bigger than our radiant Sauna Tent) at a 100 cm distance for 30 minutes inhales 56,000 negative ions per cm3. Imagine all the benefits from using the Sauna Fix Booster inside the Sauna Tent with the Sauna Fix!

The Ionic Sauna Booster is effective and safe to use inside the Sauna Tent.  The unit is small, portable, and designed specifically to be used in small spaces. Just plug in to a USB, battery pack (not included), or any voltage outlet to put to use!  

Ionic Sauna Booster

If you do not already have an external battery pack, we strongly recommend the Insignia™ Portable Charger. Try attaching Velcro to the backside (where there is no power charge light).

The Ionic Sauna Booster can work with a 12V Cigarette Lighter, 110V Outlet 2 Flat Prongs, and 220V Outlet European 2 Round Pins.  The included USB cord is an Adaptaplug Tip "H."

When you’re not using the Ionic Sauna Booster in your sauna, set it on your desk, dresser, counter, or take it with you in the car to continue to benefit from plasma no matter where you go.  The ions supplied will work against bacteria, dust, mold, particulates, viruses, pollen, and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) to enhance the quality of the air.

Ionic Sauna Booster Operation

There are three operation modes you can choose from with the Ionic Sauna Booster.

  • To produce continuous plasma – Green flashing light
  • To cycle plasma on for 2 minutes and off for 1 minute – Blue flashing light
  • To cycle plasma on for 1 minute and off for 2 minutes – Red flashing light

Any color of light that is not flashing indicates that the machine is turned off.

Ionic Sauna Booster Maintenance

Little maintenance is required with the Ionic Sauna Booster. We recommend cleaning it periodically, depending upon how much dust is in your environment. The collection of dust inside the unit can inhibit ion production.  Turn the machine to a 90 degree angle, and clear out the dust with an old toothbrush. The top cover does not have to be removed for cleaning purposes.

TESTED and proven:  3rd Party Lab Tested for TVOC's, Particulates, Negative Ions, Positive Ions, and Bacteria. CE and RoHS certified and proven safe!

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