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  • Radiant Sauna Tent, Bag and Mat
  • Sauna Fix hanging in tent. For demonstrative purposes only - sauna not included with purchase.
  • Sauna Tent in use. For demonstrative purposes only - sauna not included with purchase.
  • Sauna Tent Bag
  • Sauna Tent Bag
  • Stool and Sauna Fix sold separately.
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  • Snap Pole Connectors
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Sauna Radiant Tent & Mat | Near Infrared Sauna

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* 1 year limited warranty. This does not cover cost of shipping to or from after 30 days or misuse of the tent, such as ripped zippers or binding, scrapes, dings, or bent tent poles. Full warranty information here:
* Ships to continental United States only.:
* Sauna and other accessories sold separately.:
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* Tent size 4'x4'x5'as shown in product pictures:
* To lay down in 4'x8'x5' tent you need to buy a second tent and zip them together:

Product Description

Sauna Radiant Tent | Bamboo Mat

*Shipping is via FEDEX Ground and includes full coverage insurance.*

UPGRADED Features:  New Tent Bag (thicker, stronger, 3 internal pockets, extra edge bindings, stronger zipper), New Bamboo Mat (2X Thickness, larger).  Tent Pole thickness increased, and new improved corner brackets.

Our Portable Sauna Tent is Patent Pending for its design and use of radiant insulation as the tent fabric.  This tent material is an alternative to canvas covers and does not require the sauna to pre-heat - plus it effectively retains the heat! The key is our radiant insulation tent fabric that immediately beams near infrared rays all over inside the enclosure, instead of escaping through the material.  Due to how well the tent holds in the heat, the enclosure size has been increased to 4' x 4' x 5'.

The radiant tent fabric is made up of space blanket material sandwiched on both sides of single bubble wrap.  The fabric is similar to Reflectix Insulation, but thinner and more flexible.  Dr. Wilson approves the use of this type of insulation since the material doesn't out gas and isn't toxic at all when heated or when touched.  Rest assured that you are getting the very best with our portable sauna tent.  

(The Sauna Fix and Poplar Stool are sold separately and depicted inside the sauna tent for visual purposes only).

The tent frame is enamel coated metal so no odors outgas during your sauna session. The frame is also self-supporting and structural without having to clamp the near infrared light panel to the frame.  

Our portable sauna tent frame assembles like tinker toys without any tools.  And the Sauna Fix itself also does does not require any tools for assembly, is light weight and is designed for easy portable use. Visit this page for help in assembling the sauna tent and click here to learn how to hang the Sauna Fix with the rope ratchets. If small spaces seem confining to you, have confidence that with our Portable Sauna Tent you have more room and comfort. The radiant tent material makes for a bright and welcoming enclosure for your sauna sessions.       

Sauna Tent Specifications

  • 4’ x 4’ x 5’
  • Single bubble double sided radiant insulation material
  • Two zippered side panels
  • One back, ceiling and door panel
  • Zippered door with dual controls
  • Three bottom velcro straps per side and back panels for attachment to bottom tent pole
  • Four bottom velcro straps for door panel attachment to bottom tent pold
  • 1 moveable bar for hanging the Sauna Fix
  • Tent frame with eight 3 way corner brackets, eight horizontal poles, and eight vertical poles
  • One tent bag
  • 18 pounds

The Sauna Tent is now sold with a complementary Bamboo Mat for United States customers! This 45" x 45" natural bamboo mat has felt backing and a cotton canvas bound edge. The bamboo has been naturally fumigated by boiling, then carbonizing it through baking with high heat under pressure. 

Natural bamboo initially does have a slight odor, which easily airs out after about a month. Most people do not have any sensitivities or problems with the bamboo odor, however, the really chemically sensitive individual might consider getting our organic cotton fleece throw (coming soon) instead of the mat.  To prevent damage to the mat, avoid use of stools with pointed feet that will cut through the bamboo slats. We recommend our Poplar Stool. Also try to distribute your weight over a given area of the mat during your sauna. 

You can save time and money with our portable sauna tent! Skip preheating the sauna and enjoy higher temperatures during your sauna session. 


(The Sauna Fix is sold separately and has been depicted inside the sauna tent for visual purposes only).

Warranty Information

1 year limited warranty

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Portable Sauna Tent - Patent Pending 02:09

Our Sauna tent uses radiant insulation for the tent fabric and really holds in the heat better than other near infrared sauna canvas tents. Because of the radiant insulation the ambient air temperature gets hotter and you don't have to preheat for your sauna experience. The tent fabric is really tough and can easily be wiped down and kept clean unlike canvas tents. The other great benefit of owning our portable sauna tent is that no tools are required during assembly. The frame fits together like tinker toys and is self supporting and a sauna light panel isn't required to be clamped to the frame for stability. The tent fabric comes in 3 panels that zip together over the frame. The front door, ceiling and back panel are in one piece with two panels that zip on the sides. The Sauna Fix hangs on a pole that fits over the horizontal ceiling poles. All in all this is a great product so you can utilize heat stress and photo therapy anywhere. The Sauna Fix is 12 pounds and you can put in a bag or purchase our sauna travel bag to take along with this awesome tent and travel bag. Check our the Portable Sauna Tent and the Sauna Fix on

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