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Sauna Enclosure


To effectively increase your core body temperature during a near infrared sauna session Dr. Lawrence Wilson ( recommends using a small enclosure.  You can make your own simple sauna enclosure with common building materials sold at any hardware store.

Here are pictures of a simple way to build an inexpensive enclosure.

Sauna Enclosure with Sauna FixSaunaFix and Enclosure

Sauna Enclosure Instructions and Shopping List:

These instructions will teach you how to build 5 sauna enclosure panels (roof, door, 2 sides, and back) that can be zip tied together and used anywhere.  The sauna enclosure panels are made up of 1" PVC Schedule 40 pipe, 90's, TEE's, Reflectix Insulation, FlexFix duct tape, and zip ties.  When heated the reflectix insulation does not outgas any chemicals and is one quick, easy and inexpensive way to build a sauna enclosure.

1" PVC Fittings and Pipe Layout:

Roof Panel -

4 each 90's

4 each 1" pipe 45" long

Door Panel -

4 each 90's

2 each 1" pipe 41" long (horizontal top and bottom)

2 each 1" pipe 60" long (vertical sides)

Side Panel - (build 2 - so double the fittings and pipe listed below)

4 each 90's

2 each 1" pipe 45" long  (horizontal top and bottom)

2 each 1" pipe 60" long (vertical sides)

Rear Panel

4 each 90's

4 each TEE's

2 each 1" pipe 4" long (horizontal pipe between TEE's)

4 each 1" pipe 17" long (horizontal pipe between 90's and TEE's)

4 each 1" pipe 60" long (vertical sides)

Frame Panel Assembly:

Gather fittings and cut pipe in correct lengths for each panel. 

No glue is necessary, just push pipe into the 90's and TEE's for each panel, then lay the panel frame flat on the ground and twist the fittings so the panels lays flat and square.  After you have finished putting the panel frames together it is time to cover each panel with Reflectix Insulation.

Reflectix and FlexFix Panel Covers:

You will need 1 roll of 48" x 25' Reflectix double reflective insulation and a roll of FlexFix duct tape or any foil HVAC duct tape, or any kind of industrial strength tape to fasten the Reflectix insulation to the PVC panel frames.  Reflectix looks like bubble wrap with a silver reflective coating on both sides.  When hot Reflectix does not outgas any chemicals and works well with Near Infrared Sauna Therapy.

The process of attaching the Reflectix insulation to the panel frames is a lot easier when one person pulls the insulation tight while the other person cuts, and tapes the insulation to the frame with the FlexFix duct tape.  Since all the panels are close to 48" very little trimming of the insulation is needed.   

Assemble Panels into Sauna Enclosure:

You need 16 zip ties at least 14" long and 2 people to connect all the panels.  I connected 2 zip ties together that were 8" long just because that is what I had on had.   Just puch some holes for the zip ties in the corners of the panels with a pair of scissors.  It is easiest to balance the roof on the 2 sides and zip tie those panels together first, and don't completely sinch down the zip ties until you get all the panels together.  Then attach the back panel and lastly the door panel.  I used 3 zip ties for the top back corners, 1 in the middle of the sides, 1 in the front top and bottom corners, and 1 in the back bottom corners.  Use as many zip ties as seems appropriate. 


The 3 door hinge zip ties are left a little bit loose to accommodate opening and closing the door, and one zip tie is used for a handle to open and close the door.

After you get all the panels zip tied together you can completely sinch down all the zip ties except for the ones on the door.  Just adjust those accordingly.  

After the panels are all together there will be gaps between the panels, so take some of the FlexFix duct tape (or other suitable tape) and cover the gaps - except for where you are installing the hook for hanging the Sauna Fix light fixture.  Some people just stuff some of the left over Reflectix in the cracks which I hear works like a charm.

Sauna Fixture 

Hang the Sauna Fix on the back panel and take a sauna.  You'll just love it!!!


Shopping List:

20 Each 1" PVC 90's

4 Each 1" PVC TEE's

10 Each 1" PVC Pipe 10' long OR 5 each @ 20' 

1 Roll 48" x 25' Reflectix Insulation

120' of FlexFix Duct Tape 

16 zip ties 14" long or if you disassemble the enclosure frequently you can use bungee ties.

1 Sauna Fix Light Fixture 


By the way, thanks Patrick for emailing in corrections to the shopping list and other improvements!