Sauna Fix® Near Infrared Saunas

Sauna Fix is the highest quality, most affordable, energy efficient and therapeutic near infrared sauna

Sauna Fix NIR Convertible tent sauna system arriving August 2018 at Go Healthy NextWhen you combine the Sauna Fix near infrared sauna lamp with one of the new 2018 radiant sauna tents, you will not only save big on construction costs, but will fully benefit from the therapeutic near infrared light and heat stress exposure. Together, the Sauna Fix NIR lamp and radiant sauna tent combine for a high-efficiency, ultra low EMF, lightweight and fully portable tent sauna design that maximizes near infrared sauna therapy benefits, speeds detoxification, increases blood flow, relaxes the nervous system, aids muscle recovery, relieves muscle stiffness, reduces joint pain and improves circulation during every sauna session.

The Sauna Fix lamp, when coupled with the new Convertible or Hot Yoga Exercise sauna tent (Ultimate Bundles will be available for pre-order in June 2018), also save on annual energy costs by retaining 95% of sauna heat and eliminating the need for preheating. They are designed to work together to re-bombard the body with optimum levels of healing near infrared light. To ensure user safety and the highest medical-grade quality, the Sauna Fix near infrared lamp, radiant sauna tents, and all sauna accessories are manufacturer UL, CE, RoHS, lab tested and certified. Neither the Sauna Fix lamp, radiant sauna tent, nor any sauna accessory will outgas harmful chemicals or toxic metals during use.  

Sauna Fix requires  No Tools... No Contractor...and No Hassle.  Just assemble, plug in and sauna. Jump-start the effectiveness of your fitness, wellness, detox, recovery or Body Mineral balancing program with a Sauna Fix indoor portable tent sauna system.