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  • Sauna Fix Travel Bundle 110 Volt INTL NIR Sauna features the Sauna Fix lamp, radiant sauna tent, Stay Safe glasses and an organic Bamboo Fleece throw rug.
  • Sauna Fix® near infrared sauna lamp, Stay Safe glasses, rope ratchets and travel accessories.
  • Sauna Fix® Travel Bag
  • Sauna Fix hanging rope ratchets
  • Radiant Sauna Tent
  • Sauna Tent portable travel bag
  • Stay Safe® Glasses for use during near infrared sauna sessions
  • Sauna organic bamboo fleece throw rug
  • Sauna Fix and Radiant Tent
  • Sauna Fix® Near Infrared Sauna Travel Bundle 110 V International (ships to Canada and Mexico) at Go Healthy Next

Sauna Fix® Travel Bundle 110V INTL NIR Sauna

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46.00 LBS
Ships M-F, same day if ordered by 1 PM PST.
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$240.00 (Fixed shipping cost)

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* 3 year limited warranty on Sauna Fix. This does not cover cost of shipping, or misuse of the device. Full warranty info here:
* 1 year limited warranty on Sauna Tent, which measures 1.22 m deep x 1.22 m wide x 1.52 m tall. This does not cover cost of shipping or misuse of the tent, such as poked holes, ripped zippers or binding, scrapes, dings, or bent poles. :
* Ships Internationally only. Bulbs, bamboo mat, stool, stool bag, brush and brush bag not included:
* I have read and agree to all terms and conditions here: and acknowledge that the seller shipping costs and a $7 processing fee are deducted if a refund is processed.:
* Light guards have been tested, inspected, and screwed on the Sauna Fix base prior to shipment. Take care not to cross thread and damage the light guards during assembly, which is excluded from warranty.:

Product Description

Sauna Fix Travel Bundle 110V INTL Near Infrared Sauna

This Sauna Fix Travel bundle is for International Customers with 110 to 127 Volts of electricity.

Detox faster with Sauna Fix near infrared sauna therapy - a great total wellness tool that will heal and regenerate your body and enhance circulation.

The benefits of a near infrared sauna are far superior to any other type of sauna therapy. There are many amazing health benefits that come from sauna therapy, but you can get all the benefits of a far infrared sauna, plus MORE, with the Sauna Fix near infrared sauna!

Not only is it electromagnetically safer, but the rotation of your body with Sauna Fix allows for better heating and detoxifying stimulation. Sauna Fix near infrared saunas also use substantially less electricity than other sauna types. 

*PLEASE NOTE:  This bundle does not include the sauna lamp bulbs, poplar stool, skin brush, Ionic Sauna Booster, or bamboo mat. You can shop additional Sauna Fix products here.

The contents of the Sauna Fix International Travel bundle are:

  • Sauna Fix near infrared sauna lamp with rope ratchets: Our Sauna Fix NIR lamp features bulb sockets that don't have metal inserts, as well as uniform light guards with no adjustments necessary.  The Sauna Fix weighs only 5.44 kg and measures 34.29 cm deep, 43.18 cm wide and 58.42 cm in height with the guards screwed on. 
  • Sauna travel bag: You can now take your sauna whenever you go and continue your near infrared sauna therapy on the road!  All models can fit inside this bag, and you can also use it to store your sauna in between each use.
  • Portable sauna tent: The radiant sauna tent (3.63 kg weight; 1.22 m deep x 1.22 m wide x 1.52 m tall) is both easy to put together and break back down. Plus, the radiant insulation fabric is great for retaining heat and preventing the cover from getting dirty. You don't have to worry about outgassing, as the enamel coated metal frame prevents odors. Click here for additional help with assembling the sauna tent.  
  • Stay Safe glasses: These safety glasses cover more range of light than any others. Prevent your eyes from near infrared rays with these comfortable, lightweight glasses!
  • Ultra-soft organic Bamboo fleece throw rug: This thick and fluffy bamboo fleece is extremely absorbable and perfect to cover the floor tent.  

This bundle is for international shoppers living outside of the U.S.A. only and comes in three separate boxes - two with the tent and one with the Sauna Fix. 

Warranty Information

1 year limited warranty on tent and 3 year limited warranty on sauna fix

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