Ultimate Bundles

Sauna Fix Near Infrared Sauna Ultimate Bundles

New Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundles available for pre-order May 2018

TWO new Ultimate Bundles are coming soon! The Sauna Fix NIR Sauna Convertible Bundle and the Sauna Fix Hot Yoga Exercise Sauna Bundle tent sauna systems will be available for pre-order in May 2018 for late June and early July delivery. The Sauna Fix NIR sauna lamp and radiant sauna tents have each been improved, utilizing the best customer suggestions. The end result are larger, stronger, more versatile, "A" fire safety rated, 95% heat retaining and most eco-friendly sauna sytems ever! 

The new patent-pending Convertible Radiant Sauna Tent design enables three (3) different sauna session positions: standing, sitting or lying down.  The significantly larger Hot Yoga Exercise Sauna Tent provides plenty of workout area, with one partition that divides it into two separate NIR sauna chambers (so two can sauna), and another partition that lowers the ceiling to the recommended height for a seated near infrared sauna session. The exterior look of both new tents are in a new earth tone wooden plank design, and the chocolate brown coordinating trim and travel bags improve the aesthetics of the original 2015 Sauna Fix Ultimate Bundle sauna.

The bamboo mats in the new bundles each fold or roll for easy storage and now include radiant material backing.  The light guards for the 2018 Sauna Fix NIR lamp design will be preset into the socket cup - completely eliminating any need for home assembly of lamp parts. No near infrared tent sauna system on the market delivers the same portable, non-toxic, medical grade, ion and oxygen-rich, energy efficient, accessory-inclusive and low EMF sauna at such an affordable price.