Trace Elements Natural Supplements

Trace Nutrients Supplements from Trace Elements Inc.

Trace Elements is a line of uniquely designed vitamin, mineral and trace nutrient supplements specifically formulated from the ground breaking research of David L. Watts, Ph.D.  The company's continued research ensures ongoing new product releases providing the highest quality professional line of products.


Each Trace nutrient supplement has been designed to provide maximum absorption, with complex antagonistic and synergistic nutritional interrelationships, ensuring the best metabolic utilization based on laboratory hair analysis testing.  Trace Elements product safety has been ensured by using all United States Pharmacopoeia (USP) or National Formulary standards. All whole glandular concentrates are prepared using the preferred lyophilization method in FDA certified facilities to ensure the best utilization and safety.

All Trace Elements products are marked with an expiration date and lot number to ensure the most effective supplements are taken by the user.