Tri-Oxy® FRESH


The Health Benefits of the Tri-Oxy® FRESH Water Ozonator

Ozonating water has been scientifically proven to increase Oxygen levels through the oxidation process, and that's why we recommend using the Tri-Oxy FRESH water ozonator to make - and to drink - ozonated water at home.

Besides boosting water oxygen levels for consumption, the Singlet oxygen molecule attacks bacteria, viruses, fungus, molds and other contaminates on foods and surfaces!

USDA-approved ozone breaks down numerous toxins and harmful pollutants, which is why numerous doctors are recommending daily consumption of clean, ozonated water. 

The Tri-Oxy FRESH water ozonator is an easy to use machine capable of producing small quantities of purified, oxygen-rich, ozonated water! The Tri-Oxy FRESH is available in both 110 volt and 220-240 volt types for USA and International use.  

For ozonating larger volumes of water at home, shop the Tri-Oxy Re-ION II countertop water ozonator and plasma generator or the even higher volume Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone Systems.