Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone Systems

Tri-Oxy PURE High Capacity Ozone Systems

Tri-Oxy PURE Ozone System for ozonating water at home

The Tri-Oxy® PURE Ozone Systems: On Demand Ozone for Semi-Commercial, Medical and Residential Use 

Clean food, wash hands and do laundry with instant, on demand ozonated water using the Tri-Oxy® PURE Ozone System.

Wherever there is running water, the PURE can deliver instant, bacteria and virus fighting ozone. The Tri-Oxy PURE water ozonator system is flexible enough for use in laundry, kitchen, garden, hand washing and utility sinks.

85-90% of the ozone gas from the Tri-Oxy PURE is dissolved into home water with the venturi injectors. The Venturi Injection System provides up to 0.998859 milligrams of ozone for each liter of water.

The Tri-Oxy PURE high-capacity water ozonation system is easy to install, with minimal plumbing knowledge or experience, and provides high enough concentrations of ozone to distribute throughout numerous sinks and water outlets inside homes, semi-commercial kitchens and medical clinics.