Tri-Oxy® RE-ION

Tri-Oxy Re-Ion II Water Ozonator and Plasma Air Purifier

Ozonate drinking water and purify home air with one amazing machine. The Tri-Oxy Re-Ion II is a water ozonator that also functions as a portable Plasma air purifier. Bring nature's air indoors and purify the air with millions of ions while enjoying the benefits of oxygen-rich water...all with one incredible appliance!

Do much more than just ozonate your drinking water! The Tri-Oxy RE-ION II is a multi-functioning smart device with both ozone and plasma generators. Clean your air with plasma to reduce bacteria, viruses, fungus, spores, and chemicals out of the breathing zone. The Re-Ion II Plasma generating and Ozone generating functions can be set to run separately or simultaneously. This portable, lightweight two-fer unit includes a remote control for optimum operational convenience. 

The Tri-Oxy RE-ION II quickly produces over 6 million healthy negative ions, or anions, per cubic centimeter. The benefits of anions or negative ions are undisputed, have been widely studied, and are considered by many to be "the vitamins of the air".  Poisonous positive ions are created by electronic devices, electrical equipment and heating and air conditioning systems and create health problems and smells. Numerous customer testimonials and reviews attest to how well the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II performs at removing these smells.

Breathing high amounts of ozone can irritate your lungs, which is why Eileen Durfee designed the RE-ION to simultaneously produce fresh air using plasmaUpgrade from the popular SOTA WOZ5 or the Enviro Health Solutions Nature Kleen water ozonators with the Tri-Oxy RE-ION II water ozonator and plasma generator. See how the RE-ION compares to competitors...